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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Fine!

Today I was pondering what makes one physically attractive to another,

Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, there are a few people that some seem to find,

Universally appealing, say umm Denzel or maybe Halle,

But mostly we all find something different appealing,

Anyone who has ever read my books, KNOW, I am partial to tall, thick, dark, hardworking, sister-loving, intense brothers who are cool when they need to be, but sensitive when it is neccessary....yeah baby, that be you...see photo!
Anyway, got caught up,
But there are many things I find physically appealing,
Kind eyes, large clean hands,
Yummy cologne, think Calvin Klein's Man...umm umm umm,
I also love watching people who have their own thing going on,
Who are funkily and individually attractive, with no concerns for what others do,
Fashion wise,
They do just do them and look good doing it,
My sister Val, my son Malik and my friend Nicole, immediately come to mind,
Also very, very attractive to me is being about something and handling business,
While loving your family....YUMMY
What is attractive to you?

Friendly Time!

Last night I thought about the things most important to me,
God, my man, my children, my family members, and my friends, new ones and old,
And in that friendship thing, I really had to look hard, realizing that to say friend, is a tough thing and one we shouldn’t take lightly,
I thought about my newer friends, my on the ground friends, how we infrequently get together, but have so much fun when we do, and how sometimes, just a hug and kiss,
In passing is enough to sustain us until the next time,
Then I think of my long time forever friends, and immediately Beverly comes to mind,
We were friends in high school, we both traveled the world, wasn’t in touch for years,
But one day we ended up back in the same planet, I live a hundred miles from her,
But she is my friend, I love her, when I need her, I know that she is an email away,
I know she knows it is reciprocal,
I have also made online friendships,
Those I am a bit careful with, because online people can become whoever,
They want to be, reinvent themselves, there are some, however,
Whose hearts I see clearly and hopefully they see mine,
Because as I age, the one thing I know is precious is my time,
And none of us, not a one want to spend wasted time,
When there are so many wonderful things we can be doing,
Mentoring children,
Hugging and kissing grandbabies,
Reading good books,
Writing books,
Sitting on the back porch staring at a waterfall and a profusion of plants,
Praying, meditating, chilling….