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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It is funny how the mind works, especially mine, some would say,
Anyway, yesterday I was doing a report, a Sustainable Practices Report,
The report is geared to the Greening of the Government,
Using practices that are for the good of the earth and the environment,
Yes, I know, my job is scintillating, but it keeps me in coffee and cute shoes,
And since I have been on the relationships tip this week,
I thought about the sustainable practices in a relationship…
There are the no-brainers,
Don’t cheat,
Don’t abuse,
Kiss at least twice a day…okay that is mine…but feel free to use it,
You know the ones,
But what about the little practices that pile up,
Little beige lies…
That accumulate and become huge…
Lying is not a sustainable practice,
The truth hurts but it really will set you free,
Another thing is putting things out into the atmosphere that you can’t retrieve,
Talk about pollution,
Anyone who has known me or knows me,
No I don’t badmouth people I love or care about,
Especially not my man,
And I won't allow anyone else to run him down either,
Because he is the person I sleep with every night and wake up to,
In the morning and chose to have kids with,
So if I ran foul game on him all over the place what does that say about me,
And my choices,
I know sometimes we want to vent,
Talk to our girls…
But remember what you put out there is what you get back,
And if you don’t want to be trashed, don’t trash,
Now that is a good recycling concept if I ever heard one,
A sustainable practice for real,
There are many sustainable practices,
Cause I tell you love ain’t enough, to sustain...
There is honesty,
Acceptance of responsibility,
Knowing when to hold,
Knowing when to fold,
Okay, I am feeling goofy but you get me,
Man, who knew what could come from such a dry report,
That gives truth to ‘There is a message in it….’


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