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Sunday, July 26, 2009


This morning I sat in church and the Pastor's message resonated in me...

I knew I was in a season of change, again,

I try to stay in a growth pattern and leave myself open for whatever comes,

And mostly I have been able to do that,

I know, inherently that there are many who don't agree with me or my way,

But that is okay,

Because something I understood from a very young age is that when you get through all the stuff,

There Is A Blessing In It,

There were some times in my young days,

When things were bad,

Real bad,

I felt often that I had to go it alone,

And often I did, mostly I did,

But there seemed to something in me that was broken,

Hold up, it was a good broken,

Because I was completely unable to blame anyone for my circumstances,

Or allow my circumstances to stop me from doing anything,

And I had many friend who allowed the generational curses to hinder them,

I just refused,

I kept my head in a book,

My legs closed,

My heart open,

And was always future focused,

God was bringing me through,

To use me when I didn't even have enough sense to know it,

I can remember as a very frightened teenager,

Reading Proverbs and Corinthians over and over incessantly,

And trying as hard as I could to live good, do right,

I fell short more times than I can count,

But every single day I got up and moved forward...

And that is the message that I want to give to my children,

Maurice and Malik,

My grandchildren,
My Nieces and Nephews...
Charlie and Kecia in particular,

And all the children who have come through my life,

There are too many to mention and I don't want to forget any,

But I will mention a special few,

My daughter in love, Paasch,

My child by my heart, Schae

My many children from the Job Corps years,

And my young work Mentee, Sophia,

That there is nothing in the world that is not overcomable with true faith in God,

The ability to forgive others,

And to forgive yourselves,

And to know that we must dance to the orchestra that God has set within us,

When he takes something away it is only to prepare us for something better,

A lost job means there is a better job,

A lost relationship means there is a another relationship,

But my children we have to accept our responsibility in doing the right things,

And moving in the right directions,

And accepting that every day on the street is not a good day,

But in every dark day,



angelia aka mama deep