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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What to Say and When!

This morning I had a funny gaffe...
We have a couple of new people on my team and they are under 30,
They have the most innovative, creative, fresh minds, and I love it,,,
Our office is known for being innovators and ship-shapers, and ahead of the curve,
But many of us have been in this office for years, so doing what we do is second nature,
We truly needed newness...
So, Ms. Politically Correct,
Yelled out, 'Thanks for fresh new minds!"
Woo Hoo...
There were immediately a couple of responses,
And a few faces that were, well let's say not smiling,
I of course stood by what I was saying, being in the older group,
I felt I could...
And I stand on point to say, that when we compliment other people,
That in no way does it take away from anyone else,
For the past couple years we have all been burdened with so many extra tasks,
And it is so awesome to have fresh, young eager minds...
That is what we need, when we are done, to have these young folks step into our roles,
Without skipping a beat,
Much as it should be in families,
Each generation sharper than the previous,
So there I had to say it,
And the when was now...

Love and Blessings!