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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Finding the "Pretty"...

There is an ongoing joke in my family,
They have teased me for years about trying to find 'the pretty'...
What they mean is when my kids were young they were not allowed to say someone was ugly,
I would always tell them to find the pretty,
Everyone has something,
Nice hair, eyes, teeth, skin, something...
My husband and I would also have that conversation,
I would say someone was cute and he would roll his eyes,
So today we joke and laugh about it...
I still feel that way though,
Mostly, the pretty is in the spirit,
I recall years ago working in Germany,
I had this co-worker who was tall, dark and handsome,
Women flocked in just to see and flirt with him,
He smiled and flirted back, but all he ever talked about was his wife, back in the states,
We all assumed she had to be drop-dead gorgeous,
When I met her...
I immediately started looking for the pretty,
Even I was having a hard time,
But within that day I knew she was beautiful,
Her spirit and heart was so open,
And the way she treated him was something to see,
The way she treated us was amazing,
Glancing at him I could see that he was looking at her through love's eyes,
And to him she was gorgeous,
I remember him telling me that when he was with her,
He felt like a man,
He didn't have to say another word, I totally understood that...
Over twenty-six years and I have never forgotten it,
This morning I was driving across the bridge thinking about laughing and talking with my sishtahs,
Last night,
And how lovely they are, all aging beautifully,
Holding it down,
Mostly what makes them beautiful though,
Is their laughter, we were giggling like teenagers,
And their spirits,
And that made me remember that couple,
It's out there,
We simply have to be open to looking for the 'PRETTY'