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Saturday, December 1, 2007

On The Exhale

I have finally reached a point of exhaling,
For the past two years I have been burning the candle on both sides and through the middle,
I am going to chill, well in the abstract I am,
My new book, IS NO NOT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU? is finally done,
This book took it out of me and took me all the way to the release date to complete it,
Which technically means for the first time, I'm a bit behind on best-laid plans,
And am okay with it,
Now let me tell you, there were some moments when I wanted to throw in the towel,
Declaring that I didn't need this mess,
I must have sent that baby back a zillion (five) times for revision,
I sweated, swore and allowed tears of frustration to run down my face,
But what kept me shored up, was my man telling me,
"Baby, you know what this is. This is your best work and the one that will mean the most, so you know stuff is going to get in your way."
I walked away from and hung up the phone on him more than once,
My prayer buddy at work told me the same thing, my eyes rolled at her a time or two,
But something happened to me on Tuesday, I relaxed,
Knowing that the book wouldn't be in my hand or on the relevant sights by Saturday,
But I was done sweating it,
I sat down went through it again,
Page by Page, line by line,
Then I went to bed,
Woke up and sent it straight away to the distributor,
Went about my business,
Never checking,
And no longer tripping,
Yesterday, one day before the deadline, it was finally in the proper form,
So, now I simply have to prepare to do the other work,
I am ready!!!


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