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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Enough For All..Honest!

I could see fear on the faces of some on Tuesday night,
And I clearly understood, many folks who have done someone wrong,
Are always fearful of a comeuppance, or sometimes the fear is that because someone looks,
Different or thinks different they can't have your best interests at heart,
That my friends is 'Stinkin' Thinkin'...
Those who believe KNOW that no one can stand in the way of their blessings,
And there is truly and abundance for all with faith,
I know I am right,
Many times those who try to block your blessings, leave you open for better blessings,
I remember moving back to the States from Hawaii, moved to Oklahoma,
Lord, what a difference,
I had spent the last two years in a job with great pay and even greater stress,
A Sistah, needed to exhale,
I went on this interview, in fact I was told by the headhunter who had found me the job,
The job was mine, just needed to pass a drug profile and background check,
Because job was a small, though very busy loan company, no probs there,
Clean urine, cleaner record,
So I went in, met the Sister who managed the office,
Had a great interview, submitted my bodily fluids and filled out the forms,
She told me she would call me in a few days,
Never heard a word, called a few times, left messages, Nada...
A few weeks later, I was at the Dr. and ran into a woman who looked vaguely familiar,
She came over telling me she was the receptionist at the loan company,
She then commenced to tell me that once the manager saw my resume,
She told them she would never hire me, I might try to take her job...
A couple days later, the phone rang,
I was needed for a few days at Job Corps,
Well those days became three years, and I had the best work experience,
God had ever blessed me with, had always meant to counsel,
But had gotten caught up in other things,
And what I knew for sure was that the woman who had tried,
To block had simply, created a path for me to go to my better blessing,
I saw her one day, she walked into my office to enroll her son,
He was struggling,
She remembered me, I could see it in her eyes,
But I knew she didn't want me to acknowledge that,
And I didn't, I was about that child,
And I knew there was a lesson in there for both of us,
I learned mine, my prayer is that she learned hers....
You can't stop anyone else's growth,
And if you try to you might block your own blessings,
There is enough out there for all of us...HONEST!


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