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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Even Go There?

Something that absolutely bewilders me is when people take on something:
That has nothing to do with them…
They can do nothing about…
Needlessly exhausting…
Or something that is straight up,
Not their business….
I can’t figure it out to save my life,
Yesterday I had a couple of conversations with people who were agonizing,
Over someone else’s business…
Trying to figure it out,
I was thinking, ‘Baby if you focus on and solve your own stuff, you will surely have accomplished something…’
Also as I was floating around blog land,
There were all these posts about this or that,
I could actually feel the anxiety or angst waft off the page,
I hurried up and got on past that…whew…
There are those who probably find me too be to laid back or too,
But I will tell you I am concerned about much,
And those things that I can change or fix or assist in,
I will take those on…
However, when I know from the starting gate that there is not a thing a sister can do…
I don’t even sign up for the race,
I leave those things to the better qualified and more talented,
‘Cause I know what I can do,
And God knows I know what I can’t,
And I refuse to wrinkle my brow,
Or aggravate my digestion by taking it on…
But hey, that’s just me!

Love and Blessings!