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Monday, January 4, 2010


2010 feels right to me and for me. I have never felt in a better place, spiritually or emotionally. I am working fervently on my prayer and worship life,
My marriage is strong and loving,
I have decided to allow my kids to do it their way,
And to deal with whatever doing it that way brings,
My family relationships and friendships are where they should be,
Some I had to pump the breaks on and I am okay with that,
And I want to say,
No one has offered me millions of dollars.
Or any such thing,
And that is the beauty of it all,
The way I feel has nothing to do with anything external,
It is all internal and decisional,
Yesterday my pastor did a sermon on being content,
From Phillipians 4: 10-13
And I tell you, he broke it all the way down and what resonated with me most,
Was that we actually have to decide to be content,
It is not some miracle,
Or some ‘thing’ driven entity,
It is an internal decision,
To be content,
No matter what is going on in our lives,
I learned a great deal of that as a teenager,
My life was chaotic,
But I learned to navigate the world and not allow it to overwhelm me,
Or to allow me to make stupid decisions,
That I could later blame on someone else,
Though I must confess,
That a part of that was to become a fixer,
I honestly felt that I could fix the people in my life and make them be a certain way,
Or do a certain thing,
Well I cannot,
Oh what a revelation,
Because God knows I will do all I can to support,
But fix, umm uh,
My plan is to leave that to a higher power,
And I know it won’t happen overnight,
Don’t even expect it to,
But each day my goal it to work on it,
Pray through it,
And redo it when I mess up~



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