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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesterday when I wrote, Not in Love Anymore,
Didn’t know it would cause the response and confusion it caused,
This morning there were a lot of emails in my inbox,
Asking me, pleading with me not to stop blogging…
Did a heart good,
But that was never the message I was trying to convey,
I love my personal blog space and will always do it,
I actually forget that people in, ‘the real world’ are clueless,
As to how much socializing and jockeying goes on online,
And to many of my readers, their online presence is my blog…
So blog I will…
And those emails really speak to the power of prayer and how God answers,
Last night when I was in church, I prayed fervently for direction and guidance in this whole literary journey I am on,
One of our songtresses sang, ‘Order my Steps’ and that is what I prayed for,
For God to order my steps and guide me,
Immediately after the service as I was preparing to leave,
A friend brought over a woman to talk to me about,
Schae’s Story…I could feel the love of my work and the characters,
Felt blessed,
And this morning when I read all those,
‘Say it ain’t so, please don’t go… messages…
I knew I was on the right path and track…
For me…
So it is all to the goodness…
I’ll be here…

Love you all…GRATEFULNESS…