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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Toughest Love...

I am sure most of us of a certain age remembers our parents saying, right before or during a spanking...'this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you'
Sure mom, whatever you say,
But the truth is that love and discipline is hard,
Real hard,
Many times as a mother, mentor, whatever,
It is just easier to give in,
To give them what they ask for,
Even when you know you shouldn't,
Because let's be honest,
It gets them out of your face and relieves having to deal with it,
I have tried mostly to love strong,
And also tough when necessary but sometimes I make arbitrary decisions,
Hoping and praying that this one time it will be different,
I did that over the past couple of months with someone I love dearly,
Made some concessions,
Did some above and beyond things,
And yesterday it occurred to me that, I was...
'I was just wrong'
What I was doing more than anything,
Was giving myself some breathing room,
Because I was tired of dealing with it,
And hoped that by being generous to a fault,
I would engender some kind of action,
Well I did,
I wore myself out,
So I had to back up, turnaround,
Handle my business as I was meant to do,
Even if it were as painful to me,
More probably than it was to them,
Sometimes I have to love myself a bit softer...hmmm hmmm

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