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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Many friends my age ask why do I bond so well with the youngsters,
I usually laugh saying, "Because I am a child at heart..."
And that is true to some extent,
But the greater truth is I love how open young folks are,
Open to love,
Open to embracing differences,
Open to belly laughing,
Open to dancing to inner music,
Open to eating weird food,
Open to at least trying new music,
Reading a different kind of book,
Open to change,
Just open to living,
An open mind is a beautiful thing,
Even the most hurt kid, will try something new and different,
I love watching the light come on in the face of someone who has just experienced something new,
Eyes shining,
Giggles bubbling to the surface,
I have friends like that who are my age,
But mostly the ones that occurs with are the young people,
I guess it is because they haven't become consumed by appearances,
Aren't yet bogged down by what folks will say,
One of the things that makes my heart soar about today's youngsters,
That group between thirteen and about twenty-five is they truly embody,
"You Do You, I Will Do Me and Together We Can Just Be'...
And that says a lot, because I understand that to mean,
I will allow you to be you,
And I need you to allow me to be me,
And together, with all our differences,
We can get something done,
I like that...