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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's What They Aren't Saying!

We have all been taught to listen carefully to what people say,
And how they say it,
Just last week one of people in my office was talking to me about a project and
Wanted me to buy in to what they had done,
Knowing that it wasn’t going to happen because they had gone beyond the parameters of what should have occurred, I knew I had to speak on it…
I knew that my kindler, gentler approach wouldn’t work,
So I gave it to him straight-no chaser,
When we are talking 100Ks that is the only way to do,
I saw some gulping, and a bit of swallowing,
Finally understanding and clarity,
After that we discussed other things,
Upon his departure he said something that,
Touched me beyond work,
“Thanks Angelia, I just learned a lot, because I know that I had to focus on what you were saying, not how you were saying it…” I smiled graciously,
Because often we miss our lessons when we listen to the how and not the what…
However, many times you can see a person’s position based on what they don’t say,
On this momentous occasion, where for the first time in history an African American is the Democratic nominee,
Not one person has uttered a word,
The silence is deafening,
Only because for the past eight years there have been comments ad nauseum,
About the current administration and how ready for change everyone is,
Not only hasn’t a word been said,
But the newspaper hasn’t even been unfolded,
Again unprecedented,
As the only AA person in my office,
That speaks volumes,
Whether it is realized or not,
Because many times, it is what they aren’t saying,