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Monday, March 15, 2010


Sometimes we have to be still…just totally still and prayerful…I know it is hard, take it from me, being still was something that I learned to do…for years I felt that my power was in my conversation or in proving that I can take anyone on conversationally and have them do my will…

Found that to be true in many cases but it was so counterproductive, it left me feeling tired and many others feeling alienated and in some cases fearful of my words…sheesh…but I learned that if I sit still, listen for God’s guidance and to stand firm in his guidance, things work out better, now, not I say better, not easier…because sometimes when following God’s direction you must say and do very unpopular things to people you love fervently and run the risk of making them mad, or egads, not talk to you…and being quiet means that you don’t seek them out, you don’t try to make it better… you simply stay in payer and wait…

Found myself in a situation like that recently and even though I knew I was had done the right thing, it hurt like a infected tooth when the people went ghost on me…but I listened to God, and prayed and waited. And slowly but surely things righted themselves, the relations healed, the acknowledgments came and we were all able to go forth with our lives….

The same thing is true with my writing…for almost four years I was throwing books out left and right, as if though I didn’t write a book every other month I would implode, well I almost did, from trying to do too much…but one day a quiet voice said, ‘You have done good work…let it stand on its own merit, allow them to get to know your voice and the rest will come…’ Hmmph…easy said, however, my body was tired and my mind, so I slooooowed down, and I am here to tell you that the voice was once again right on, correcto…they read, they listened, they supported…hmmph…
It is so true that when God speaks, we better listen…

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Angelia, once again you've outdone yourself. I'm proud of you!
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