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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Something that the people in my life know is that they are at risk of showing up in my blogs, books or other writings…
Sometimes disguised, but every now in then in full color,
Yesterday it was my youngest son,
Today it is one of my dearest friends Nik,
Nik and I met about nine years ago,
She came to my office as a young, very educated scientist,
Immediately she and I had a connection,
I am about eleven years older than her,
But I instinctively knew you young, exotic beauty would be a thorn in the sides of some,
I was right, and coupled with the fact that she was not your typical scientist in that she had done many other kinds of work,
Well there you have it,
Over the years we have talked about so many things,
We can never break up, otherwise we would have to strike the other mute,
But the point of this rambling is that she had been having a time of it lately,
And been a little hard to bear,
I had railed on her, but we still hugged fervently at the end of the day,
Well, Tuesday, she walked in the office an I was TIRED~
And when I am really tired I am even more honest than ever,
And she said something about something,
And I unleashed,
She sat there on my file cabinet looking down at the floor,
Finally when I was spent,
She looked up and I started talking like I had some home-training,
We covered the children,
The poor child has a fourteen year old son, egads,
She said something that I had to straighten her out on,
“He is not like me, I wasn’t like that…”
Irked, I said,
‘Baby, our kids are not carbon copies of us. They will get many things from us, but some, they will come up with on their own. And if we have done our jobs as we are supposed to do, then they will be fine in their differences.”
I saw the light go on in her head…
We talked about other things,
I could feel the temperature in the room decrease,
We were oh so cool again,
She knew I love her, she loves me,
When I prepared to leave I hugged her, smooching her on the cheek,
Yesterday she sent me a message,
Thanking me for ‘telling her off’.
I told her that is what I do,
And that I am even better at it when I am tired…
I could hear her smile through the email as she replied,
“Yeah, Diva, when you think you have nothing left, we always manage to suck just a bit more from you…”
Now that is a mouthful~

Angelia aka ‘Mama Deep’