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Monday, December 1, 2008

It's A Choice!

Over the past few weeks, I have spoken to people I really care about, who have chosen, yes you heard me, chosen…to be miserable, mad…whatever…and they can’t see how they are only harming themselves…
Something that puzzles me is how completely wrapped around something a person can become, when they KNOW, I mean absolutely unequivocally know, that they can do absolutely nothing to change a thing…but they fuss, toss, turn and literally moan about,
Makes no sense to me…
I have to say…the election is over, if your party did not win, you will have to wait four more years…staying up all night and talking to people about it won’t change a thing…the only thing that can change is how you deal with it…
If someone you love has done something and moved on…you will have to move on as well…chances are that person is gone for good and is not up at night pacing the floor, worrying about what you are doing, they are out enjoying life…you are going to have to also…or spend a lot of time sad…
If your children are grown and are making their own choices and are not asking you to support them, then they are entitled to do it their way, much the same as you did, and if you are supporting grown people and aren’t getting what you want out of it, then stop it already…the only way to be grown is to be grown…and surely there has to be an easier way to spend your money that brings you some satisfaction…food banks are in dire need…
If your friends don’t agree with everything you say, then that means they are independent thinkers who bring something to the table you don’t have, which is what makes friendships and life interesting…maybe I am way off course here, but everyone is an independent thinker and are entitled to their own opinions…surely having a different outlook isn’t a deal breaker for a relationship…is it?

Someone was recently telling me how unhappy they were with changes that had taken place and how happy everyone else was. It moved me to ask, this, “Before the changes, when you were happy, how did they feel?” I saw a light go on, this person had never stopped to think that while they were having their ‘light’ moments, that others were in the ‘dark’…that is how life is, some days are filled with light, some days are filled with some darkness, but everyday that we are allowed to breathe, love, feel…is a good day.


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