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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hiding in Plain Sight...

The other day I was conversing with a woman and somehow the conversation moved to looks and makeup,
She asked me if I had ever worn a lot of it,
I told her, ‘No, not really, I love lipstick and lipgloss and I powder because I have a shiny nose but that is about it,’
I asked her why, and tears appeared in her eyes,
‘Because people don’t recognize me without makeup…’
I knew better than to say anything,
So she reiterated to me this painful experience she’d had,
She told me that one day she woke up and realized she didn’t have any coffee,
So she ran down the corner grocery to get some,
She was wearing a bright orange sweat suit…
She saw her neighbor, who looked right through her without a bit of recognition,
So she said nothing, however, later that day she ran into the neighbor again,
This time she had on makeup, but the same clothing,
The neighbor asked if she had been at the grocer’s that morning,
She nodded yes and the neighbor said;
‘Oh my god, you look so different without makeup, I didn’t even recognize you, if it weren’t for that day-glow outfit I wouldn’t have known it was you!’
She said her feelings were so hurt and that she would never go out without makeup again…
I felt her pain,
But didn’t really understand,
That felt like hiding in plain sight to me,
I was raised by women who loved to look good,
But looking good for them rarely had anything to do with covering up,
It was mostly how they carried themselves and their personal style...
Most of them had to really be dressed to kill to even have on lipstick,
They all had remarkable skin,
And beautifully arched eyebrows,
But not a bit of coverage,
And they pretty much raised us the same way,
To look as good as we wanted to, but to allow the world to see us,
As we were,
So that no one would ever be shocked or stunned when they truly saw us…