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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I often wonder if people realize how truly golden silence can be,
There are times when it is absolutely best to say nothing, not a word,
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with a handful of my coworkers,
And the chatter was incessant,
And it wasn’t just chatter to fill the quiet,
But an invasive, negative banter that was truly exhausting,
Comments about people,
Based on stereotypes and assumptions,
I wondered and wonder if they even know what they are saying or how it sounds,
And what a soul stealer negative words can have,
When I got back to the office,
I had to pray and sit very still,
Allowing myself to shake it off,
After I had calmed and centered myself,
I was able to understand a bit,
Insecure people have to fill the air with words,
To be completely comfortable in silence is to be truly confident,
And to know that we get back from the world what we put out there,
Takes spiritual ‘growness’…
And that is a work in progress…if we ever get there…
Later in the day one of the persons,
Asked me why I was so quiet,
I told them simply,
“When I have something to add that can be of some benefit, I add it…
When I don’t, I stay quiet…”
I was then asked if I ever entered into simple social commentary,
I answered,
“All the time, however, I don’t see derogatory or negative comments as social commentary, or at least not the type I am interested in engaging it…”
The person nodded and moved on…
Immediately, the silence was….GOLDEN…