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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tagged by Dera

I was tagged by Dera my additions are in italics!

Here’s the idea (you can copy this paragraph to use in your post):I am going to list three categories of books. 5 MUST Read Books, 5 Books on Your Nightstand, and 5 Look For These Soon. Keeping with the theme, I am going to tag at least 5 bloggers. They should put these same lists on their blog but SUBTRACT one book from each list and ADD one of their own. Then they should tag at least 5 more bloggers. It will be fun to see how the lists change as it goes around the blogosphere. Please come back to this post and leave a comment so I can see how the lists are changing as they go around the blogosphere. Since this is Book Buzz…please keep your lists to titles released in 2007-2009.

5 MUST Read Books:Them by Nathan McCall
Orange Mint and Honey by Carleen Brice
Song Yet Sung by James McBride
Seen It All, Dome the Rest- Pearl Cleage
Trading Dreams at Midnight by Diane Mckinney Whetstone

5 Books on the Nightstand:

Up Pops the Devil by Angela Benson
Blood Colony- Tananarive
DueFrom Harvey River by Lorna Goodison
Stand the Storm by Breena Clarke
Exorsistah by Claudia Burney

5 Look For These Soon:
House at Sugar Beach by Helen Cooper
The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family
In Love With a Younger Man by Cheryl Robinson
Red Light, Green Light by Margaret Johnson-Hodge
The Million Dollar Deception by RM Johnson