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Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author, publisher and public speaker who owns two publishing companies, MAMM Productions and Honorable Menchan Media. Mrs. Menchan is also a Budget Officer and former Job Corps Counselor. To date she has published twenty-three books of her own work, both fiction and non-fiction and more than eighty ebook novellas on You can access her bibliography on search words: Angelia Vernon Menchan

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Books have always had the profoundest affect on my life,
Once I discovered I could read at age four,
It has been something that I have done daily,
As such I am a huge believer in giving and reading books to children,
I started reading to my boys in the womb,
And they were read to the whole of their childhoods,
And they received books of their own all the time,
Books in my house was like cookies in some homes,
Something to savor…
I gift books to the little ladies in my life,
Tamia, Agia, Madison and Laylah…
And my seven month old grandbaby has a growing library,
But there are other kids as well, who arent as fortunate...
There is a gas station/store near my home and I am in there at least two days a week,
I know all the women,
Many have bought and read my books,
They call me ‘Book Lady’ cool…
Well this one woman told me point blank she didn’t read,
Gasping for air…
But that her daughter did,
Breathing again,
So I asked her age and when she said fourteen,
I drove home and got a copy of my young adult book:
Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?
Within a day she was done…
Mama asked me if I had other books,
I said ‘Oh yeah’…and that I would bring them in on Friday,
Well Friday came and went and an Aging Diva forgot…
Last night after dinner I stopped in and as soon as I saw mama I remembered,
I hurried home and scooped up all the YA books I had,
Taking them too her,
I told my husband that even if I’d had to go to Walmart and purchase,
Books I would have,
Because one thing I know for sure is that reading opens so many doors,
And changes life,
Tot that I am a witness!



Tuesday, September 29, 2009


5.0 out of 5 stars Black is Beautiful, September 26, 2009
Shelia M Goss (Entertainment Writer & Author of Young Adult Books & Women's Fiction) - See all my reviewsMrs Black was a beautifully told story. Cinnamon has two men who love her but only one can give her the love she deserves. With decisions that will alter the lives of those close to her, Cinnamon frees herself so that she can live again. Menchan has become one of my favorite writers and I hope to read more books by this author. Mrs Black is the perfect ending to characters I've grown to love.

Thanks Sister Shelia you are the most supportive!




Something that we all need is our own business….
Really we do, and the reason is because if we don’t have our own,
Too much time is spent messing in someone else’s,
I have a couple of elders who I love dearly,
But I have to give them lots of shade,
I am talking about massive oak tree with tarps over ‘em kind of shade,
Because they are too busy and as such are great dividers…
Great dividers are those people whose mission in life seems to be to keep stuff,
Going on between other people,
And irony of ironies,
It is usually people who should be working for the greater good,
But oh no,
They are so sad,
So lonely,
So wrapped up in misery that their power is based,
On gossiping and running and telling that,
To anyone who will listen,
And hoping that it doesn’t get back,
Close your mouth,
I know darn well you aren’t surprised,
Cause we all know ‘em,
Got ‘em in our family tree,
And as such we sometimes have to shake ‘em free,
Or as my sister says, ‘Feed ‘em with the longest handled spoon…’
And it isn’t just relegated to the elders,
Oh no, not at all…
There are enough of the youngsters,
Who are applying for the same jobs,
Getting their resume clean and polished so they,
Can get in the business of being great dividers as well…
All I can say to them is,
‘Stop it already and get some business of your own…’
To those of us affected by it,
I say…shhhhhh…
Don’t say a thing around ‘em,
Unless you want to be on blast,
All over everywhere…


signed and free shipping

Monday, September 28, 2009


I have a bad habit, though many consider it a loving habit,
It is not good…always,
I have a tendency to always place the needs of those I love before mine,
Started when I was a young girl,
Felt that if I were good and did the right thing,
It would make the craziness surrounding me easier,
It actually did to a certain extent,
But didn’t change a thing,
People still did what they wanted to,
How they wanted to,
When they wanted to,
I carried that into marriage and motherhood,
Many times I felt like the marriage was mine to work on,
And I could make it work,
All by my Amazonian self,
That worked too, for awhile,
Fortunately with that when I got tired,
My man recognized and allowed me to not do as much,
Guess he was waiting for me to let some things go…
Then I became a mama,
Lord my goal was the be the best mama on the planet,
And I was a good one,
However, I recognize that I was too much of a fixer,
Standing in the way as a cushion for some of the bumps that I should have allowed them to take,
As such they are NOW learning that the ground is mighty hard,
And that when we fall it hurts, like a you know what…
And that is good…
Because I learned, well I am learning that loving someone does not mean,
Taking on their burdens, or trying to fix 'em...
That men and women are formed from their trials and that sometimes,
Every now and then,
Amazons need to just chill,
And self-protect!


Friday, September 25, 2009


The most difficult job here on earth that one will undertake,
Bar none,
Is parenting....
Parenting is not for punks!
It is also not a part-time job,
That you can work in when it is best for you,
Particularly, infants,
Need your undivided attention,
You are tired..
You wanna read or chill,
You would rather go for a walk alone,
Too Bad...
Choosing to make that ultimate decision and become a parent,
Circumvents all that...
I can remember being a young mother living in Germany,
Was absolutely clueless,
And my mom and aunts were in Florida,
What I had to learn to do,
With a quickness,
Is learn by doing,
Making my child my first priority,
Being patient,
Was it hard,
Heck to the yeah,
Particularly since his dad was away a lot,
But the realest thing is that I had made the ultimate decision,
And come heck or highwater,
It was largely on me to make it work...
So for years the kids were my focus,
Because I knew that the day would come when they would,
Need me less,
And whatever I had planned to do,
Through the grace I would be able to do,
So if you have no children yet,
And aren't ready to give up a lot of 'YOU' time,
Think about it,
And if you already have made the decision to parent,
Sorry, but it is no longer for the most part about YOU...
But about them...




Thursday, September 24, 2009


The other day I was sitting in a room with seven other people and one described someone as having, ‘Morals and Character’….
I almost fell off my chair,
Because it had been a long time, well other than in church,
Since I had heard those words,
To have morals, character or to be considered good or nice,
Has become so, passe’
I recall when I was a young woman,
The young women in my family were considered, ‘Good Girls’
The Vernon girls had reps for being good,
And we were proud of that,
I was especially proud,
Because my life was in turmoil at times,
But the one thing I could count on was being,
‘Smart and a good girl…’
That meant the world to me,
But somewhere along the line,
In this say anything,
Do everything,
I am only concerned with getting it world,
Things like morals,
And plain old doing the right thing,
Has become so uncool,
It seems folks are getting more,
Props, if you will, for bucking the system,
Fighting authority,
Doing their own thing,
And damn who it affects or compromises…
Not everyone,
Of course but enough to make it very noticeable,
And to make this continuing good girl,
So I am so glad to know that people are still describing,
And applauding those with Morals and Characters…




Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Queen I Reviews Mrs. Black?

Book Reviewed by Idrissa Uqdah
Angelia Vernon Menchan who also has written under the name, acVernon Menchan has just released an new novel that takes us further into the world of the residents of Center City, Florida. We met the usual suspects of Center City in her debut novel, Black's Trilogy: Black's Obsession. The trilogy also included Book Two: Cinnamon's Universe and Book Three: Brown's Possession . . . A Family's Progression.
What an interesting bunch the residents of Center City have turned out to be. The author has developed a cast of main characters that have layers of complex human traits. Even her secondary characters are memorable.
Malcolm Black the lead male character she introduced in the first book always keeps you guessing. You ponder his determination as he continues to do three things: make millions of dollars, give back to his hometown, and love Cinnamon Dubois Brown, his childhood friend. Not much more matters to Black.
Well in this new book, he hasn't changed a bit. He and Cinnamon have developed a Learning Center for the people of Center City that gives them the tools to develop their lives in a sound academic setting. They are working together every day but have not caved in to their desires for one another.
Meanwhile; Cinnamon has tired of Brown's womanizing ways. After one more affair leads to the husband of the married woman he has bedded trying to blackmail the now famous writer, Cinnamon; she has had enough. The husband even has explicit pictures of Brown and his wife together that he threatens to release to the media if Cinnamon does not give him a certain amount of money.
Although the money is not a problem for Cinnamon; her self-esteem and pride will not allow her to turn her head this time. Cinnamon asks Brown to leave the family home. She decides that a legal separation is the only way for her to heal from his disrespect for their marriage. She needs to decide whether to end the marriage and finally divorce a man who has never been faithful to her.
This is a big step for Cinnamon and it is a difficult decision but she finds that it frees her in so many ways. Always the nurturing wife and mother; Cinnamon finally puts her own needs first.
How both families, including the son and daughter that she has raised with Brown, both families, and the town folk react to her decision is a story full of surprises.
As I read Mrs. Black? all of the familiarity of the characters immediately returned to me. The storyline is part soap opera and part Black family history. I felt like these characters were people that I knew and the setting was some place that I had been. I thought it was quite a remarkable read.
I am partial to books about upper class African American people who haven't forgotten where they come from and who use their resources to empower their community. It's like a breath of fresh air, these politically-correct wealthy Black folk. I'd love to see this story as a series on late-night BET.
Pick up the entire series. I won't let the cat out of the bag on how all of this relates to Malcolm Black but you can be sure he is waiting in the wings for his precious Cinnamon.
What will happen now that she is free? Tune in, same place, same time and you will not be disappointed. Angelia Vernon Menchan is a writer who will consistently keep you waiting for her next release.


About three years ago I was sitting in my garage talking to my sons and one of their friends and the friend made a statement that resonated in it’s truth…his words were…
“Black parents are different than white parents, they allow their growN children to stay with them no matter what, white parents kick us to the curb…”
The child said a mouthful and didn’t even realize what a poignant, true and sad statement that was…
Black mamas we are so guilty of that,
We have such a desire to help our kids out,
And those middle class mamas amongst us,
Really don’t want folks to talk about us,
So we do way too much,
And mama way past the statute of limitations,
Without fully realizing what we are doing,
We are doing them and us,
A grave injustice,
Them because they get to make bad decisions over and over again,
And we pick up the pieces, hide the mess and pay until we are destitute,
What we must learn to do is raise them,
And let them go,
And when they stumble and fall, we will have to allow them to be crushed,
Just a bit,
Because you can’t get wine without crushing some grapes,
And you can’t get responsible adults without them feeling the crushing pain of their choices…
And us, because we are entitled to live our latter years in relative peace and quiet,
Without the drama of our kids lives impacting us,
Does this mean that you can’t be supportive,
No, no, no…
But support does not mean,
Spending your retirement paying their bills so they can sit home all day,
Or bailing ‘em out of the same mess over and over,
If they continue to do the same things, obviously they like it and you have to leave ‘em to it….
And here it is,
We are going to have to treat our sons the way we treat out daughters…
Raise them, not spoil them…
It is not a good look for the future…
Trust me on this one…


Mrs. Black? @

Friday, September 18, 2009


Whenever someone does not agree with me or buy into my program,
I DO NOT assume they are HATING...
And it really fascinates me how many people do,
It seems that as soon as something does not go the way someone wishes,
Or heaven forbid someone disagree with another,
It has to be hate...
Too funny,
Because the reality is that we are all out here trying to do something, get somewhere and handle our business...and I am guessing, hoping, praying,
That the majority of us are not wasting valuable time HATIN' on people,
There is so much to do,
So many ways to do it,
And one thing I know for sure,
If God can bless a nut like me,
Then there are BLESSINGS,
IN ABUNDANCE to go around,
So, the next time you think someone is hating on you,
Ask yourself this,
'What is it that I have that is so much more, or so much better that it will cause legions of people to lay awake all night churning and burning and thinking about how much I got...'
Sounds kind of goofy does it not...
I am not saying that there are not petty jealousies and folks who are consumed with others,
What I am saying is that everytime,
It is probably just differences and diversity....




Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Fiction People!

The one thing a writer has is poetic licence,
We get to create our characters and allow them to do whatever they want to,
That is why we write,
Because we can move as far as we want to,
Be as farfetched and freaked out as we please,
Do this and do that,
Or not do that or this,
We can break up marriages,
Put 'em back together again,
We can allow them to be fools or as clever as we want to,
And while we are so glad that you take our characters seriously,
We do so appreciate it,
It's Fiction People,
It is not a guideline as to how to act,
Or not act,
Be or not be...
It is a story that we hope will engross you,
Make you think, laugh cry, maybe even cuss,
But at the end of the story we plead for you to remember,
It's Fiction from the recesses of the minds of the writer,
And I assure you that is what keeps writers sane,
We can explore all our stuff on paper,
And have you believing we know some thangs...


Mrs. Black? @


Cinnamon Dubois Brown spent her entire life doing the right thing.
She was a good daughter, wonderful mother and ever supportive wife.
However, after thirty years of marriage she realizes she is marred to a serial cheater.
William Brown loves her, there is not doubt about it, but like many men of his stature, he feels there is nothing wrong with a little something, something on the side…
What he didn’t bargain for was that someone was watching him,
Someone whose eyes and heart had always been yearning for his woman…
That someone, millionaire Malcolm Black,
Had been obsessed with Cinnamon since high school,
He had made the mistake of not telling her and she slipped into the marriage bed of his friend, William Brown….
Years later when the three of them are all grown...
They become friends and many entanglements ensue,
But because of their faith and friendship,
They all try to do the right thing,
But Cinnamon has warned her husband,
And he has promised to do better,
But can he?
And will she do what she has promised and what will Malcolm do if she doesn’t?
What the heck will happen, When a Woman’s Fed UP?

READ MRS. BLACK? and find out…
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


One of the biggest stressors is impatience,
Honey, there was a time when I could have written a book on that!
If I asked someone to do something,
And they didn't do it...
Right then,
I would do it myself,
And huff and puff,
All the while,
Was like that for years,
But I learned to WAIT,
Because I was wearing myself out,
And it was showing on me,
And I could not have that...
When I started writing,
My patience, believe it or not was already there,
So when things took longer than I thought they should,
I was okay,
BUT, I continued to work,
When a handful of people had something to say about my work,
That was less than flattering,
I listened, didn't get into a contest of debates with them,
BUT, I continued to work,
Because what I knew for sure,
Is that there was an audience for what I was doing,
And that many times that had to come through patience,
Because I had no interest in being the Chee Chee and Pepi of the writing world,
You guys might not remember Chee Chee or Pepi,
But that had a hit song in 1971 entitled, 'I know that I am in Love'...
Hadn't heard of them since,
I also knew that I had never meant to write a thing until I was retired,
And here I was a few years early,
Writing and actually having people read and purchase my work,
Honey Hush,
And now for whatever reason,
Without much preamble,
Mrs. Black? is doing her thang,
And I am so grateful,
Because I knew I had to wait,
But I never stopped working while I waited...


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Something I find inordinately exhausting is drama, especially drama for drama’s sake,
Even when writing, no matter how many issues my characters may have,
And some have a bushel,
I try to make sure that the drama isn’t just for the sake of drama,
I have encountered a bit of it,
And I am here to tell you,
It is tiresome,
However, I will say that people probably don’t even know they are creating mess,
So here are some clues…
If things don’t go your way and you find yourself telling everyone who will listen,
Until someone agrees with you,
If you stretch the truth to fit your own needs,
If you always feel you gotta tell someone off, right then,
Without taking any time to think about what you are going to say,
Or if it even needs to be said,
If you think your way is the only way,
And can’t hear anyone else,
If you have to talk all the time,
When everyone else is quiet and trying to chill,
Or you can’t stand silence,
Or you are always seeking approval from people and will do anything to get it,
What we all have to learn to do is deal with our own stuff,
And allow others to deal with theirs,
While praying fervently,
Then allowing God to work it out,
Otherwise you will find yourself alienating people,
And running people away,
Cause as quiet as it’s kept,
There is really something to be said,




Sunday, September 13, 2009


I must confess,
I have a weakness,
And my weakness is for those I love,
I mean love, love,
When I love someone,
No matter what they do,
Or how they do it,
I can usually find a reason for it,
Or explain it away as a bad day,
Reminds me of something a friend told me,
She said, 'Angie, when a person isn't on your love list, you can handle them really well,
and most of what they do rarely phases you. But when those of us you love screw up, the one thing we can count on is that you will find a way to make it at least sound better...'
I asked her was that good or bad,
She told me it was both,
Good because those I love know that they can depend on me,
But bad because in many ways it allows them to continue to do stuff they shouldn't do,
And sometimes what they need to hear is the truth...
I know she is right,
And on this Sunday afternoon,
I must admit she was absolutely right,
I stayed absolutely supportive and quiet,
On some things that I should have come out strongly against,
Right at the gate,
And because I didn't,
In essence I was guilty of condoning foolishness,
Well God has forgiven me for my transgression,
Now I am working on forgiving myself,
More importantly, I am working on not allowing my heart to guide me,
When my head and faith are telling me,
To simply say,
"that is just wrong"...and to allow the chips to fall where they may,
Because sometimes we must allow a hard head to make a soft, painful behind...



Saturday, September 12, 2009

Say it Ain't So...

Ever since I started writing,
I have been very generous with my books,
I handed out so many that on some I simply broke even,
But that was all good,
People were reading my work,
With Mrs. Black,
I made a decision to sell some books,
I am absolutely giving books to,
Those who are shouting out my work, and there are so many to whom I am grateful,
Those I choose to gift,
But come on people,
This is a business, my business,
And it is how I am able to do the next book,
By selling this one,
I am so not getting brand new,
It ain't even about that,
And you know it...
It is just simply that I pay for the books to be printed,
Shipped to my door...
So cut me a break...
And don't tell my neighbor, talk to me!


Young Brother, Please

Something that concerns me, immensely,
Is the number of young brothers who absolutely do not get,
That there is no free ride,
To eat a man must work,
And we won't even start with when a man has children,
There seems to be a generational curse that is consuming them,
And allowing them to blame their failures on the system or their women,
Well listen up,
If you quit several jobs or get fired,
That is the not the fault of anyone but you,
If you lay down with six women without benefit of protection,
And they all have babies by you and all your money is going to child support,
That is on you and your penis,
No one else,
If you have a dream of superstardom in some arena,
God Bless You,
We should all dream, and work to pursue it.
But while dreaming, take your butt to a job,
Any job and work as though your life depends on it, because it does,
And if you have a woman who has expectations of you,
Count yourself blessed,
Because after God,
Your woman is usually the woman who will see you through,
And stand in the gap when nothing else is working...
Hey don't listen to me,
But at the same time when you wake up and half your life is over,
And you are still going from pillar to post,
Without a pot or a window,
Maybe just maybe,
You will remember the butting in older woman,
Who really had your best interests at heart....
And when you think of the world as being against you,
Think of all the hungry people,
And the women like my mother who raised,
Children all by herself before child support was a mandate,
and raised good productive people...
There is no free lunch and to eat we must work,
And if you take issue with what I have said,
I say this, Young Brother...Please!

Be Blessed!


Friday, September 11, 2009



It has done extremely well on pre-orders and on Amazon.

Reviewers and Pre-readers are loving it.

So See What All The Talk Is About.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009



ENJOY....Your mama (mamadeep)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't Start Nothing, Won't Be Nothing!

Don’t start nothing, wont be nothing, is jokingly called the national anthem in my home town…all in fun…
However, it is true of many of the people I know,
If you don’t start it, we will coexist peacefully,
But if you take our kindness for weakness,
It is on…
All of my life, my goal has been to take the high road,
Always considered the low road too messy,
Now because I chose another route,
Doesn’t mean I don’t know how to get through there,
When a young girl,
I would go out of my way to avoid stuff,
If I heard a fight was breaking out,
I went home,
If an argument went on if it weren’t about me,
I stayed out,
But this brings a situation to mind,
I was in sixth grade,
In middle school, sixth through eighth,
And some of the kids in eight grade,
Let’s just say they were, umm older,
There was this one boy, who I will call Big E.
He was about sixteen and looked like a linebacker,
Everyone feared him and I avoided him,
But he always found a way to mess with me,
Tease about something,
I ignored him,
I was a bit of a bookish priss,
Loved my two ponytails and had a fetish for sparkling white socks,
I am walking home minding my business,
And he pulls my hair,
I ignore him,
Then he kicked dirt on my socks,
I ignore him, when he pushed me,
I pushed back, felt like a wall,
Finally he pushed me and I hit the ground,
My yellow dress was filthy,
I got up dusted myself off, sucked down my tears and went home,
Stayed quiet all night, premeditating,
The next morning, I dressed all in white,
Packed my book bag and added a little something extra,
I had the dirty sock from the day before and inside was one of my mama’s paperweights,
At the end of the day I walked up to Big E,
And swung that sock with all my might,
I must have hit him six good times,
The crowd gasped,
Finally he was able to grab me and hold me,
I started saying the Lord’s Prayer,
Figured he was going to kill me,
But I knew that going in,
I had just decided that if he killed me,
He would know he had been in a fight,
But he fell out laughing and told me,
“Gurl you got a lotta heart”
He must have heard how loud it was beating!
Then he turned to the crowd and said:
“This my lil sista right here, you mess wit her, you mess wit me…’
I was safe for the rest of the year,
The moral of my story if there is one is this,
Don’t ever get it twisted when you see someone who tries hard to avoid trouble.
It isn’t because they don’t know how to handle trouble or that they are a pushover or even scared, they are simply trying to have some class and dignity. But a word to the wise and the unwise is, don’t push them…they will come out swinging…and somebody might end up with some lumps...’
So remember, Don’t Start Nothing, Won’t Be Nothing…



Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This past week I have had to thank my ancestors over and over again,
One thing they shored us up with is how to take care of things,
That is things from raising our children to handling our finances,
When my oldest child was born,
I was immediately in Germany,
But through thirty dollar phone calls,
And letters weekly from my mama,
I knew just what to do, and I didn’t question any of it,
Because I knew that Dr. Spock and Dr. nobody else, knew more about taking care of their business than the women in my life,
I thought some of it old-fashioned and kind of hokey,
But I am glad I listened,
Now my aunt taught me about my money,
She told me to always pay my bills on time,
And to pay for whatever I could without building up a lot of debt,
She made me feel as though my credit rating was as important as my reputation,
Thank God!
And my godmother,
Told me the female things,
My mama didn’t want to,
Stuff like keep a man happy,
Without compromising your own integrity stuff…
Umm hmm and I sure am grateful to her,
So young ladies when we try to tell you something,
You might want to listen and heed,
It will save you a lot of stuff later on,
But it is surely a choice…

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Monday, September 7, 2009


Sistah Gurl! You did not disappoint me! I turned the last page at 5:30 a.m. this morn and was satisfied!
Black's Trilogy needs to be a Black soap opera. I tune into these books just like General Hospital! LOL
I just love following the life of the upper crust Black community working to help those in need.

Idrissa Uqdah, Reviewer Extraordinaire!

When I thought I knew what was going to happen in the lives of Cinnamon, William, and Malcolm, a sneaky twist was mixed in to make my mouth gape open in wonderment. For readers who have been following the lives of these three friends, this will be a great closure. For new readers this will be a great stand-alone book, introducing them to wonderfully developed characters. I recommend Mrs. Black? to readers looking for mature characters and a great contemporary fiction storyline.

Jennifer Coissiere APOOO BookClub

A great read, I can't wait for the next installment, September 3, 2009 I read Mrs. Black in one day. It had many unexpected twists and turns that I couldn't put the book down. I had to know how things were going to turn out. I love the series, I love Cinnamon. I hope Mrs. Menchan continues to write about the lives of the Center City residents. There's something for everyone to think about in our lives in Mrs. Black. In Mrs. Black, you see first hand how not reacting to situations and allowing God to work is more beneficial than seeking revenge. There are plenty of life lessons to be learned in this book. If you're new to Mrs. Menchan's work, I suggest that you start from the first installment, Black's Obsession, part one of the trilogy. As always, Mrs. Menchan, you hit this one out of the park.

Rhonda Gilbert

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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Toughest Love...

I am sure most of us of a certain age remembers our parents saying, right before or during a spanking...'this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you'
Sure mom, whatever you say,
But the truth is that love and discipline is hard,
Real hard,
Many times as a mother, mentor, whatever,
It is just easier to give in,
To give them what they ask for,
Even when you know you shouldn't,
Because let's be honest,
It gets them out of your face and relieves having to deal with it,
I have tried mostly to love strong,
And also tough when necessary but sometimes I make arbitrary decisions,
Hoping and praying that this one time it will be different,
I did that over the past couple of months with someone I love dearly,
Made some concessions,
Did some above and beyond things,
And yesterday it occurred to me that, I was...
'I was just wrong'
What I was doing more than anything,
Was giving myself some breathing room,
Because I was tired of dealing with it,
And hoped that by being generous to a fault,
I would engender some kind of action,
Well I did,
I wore myself out,
So I had to back up, turnaround,
Handle my business as I was meant to do,
Even if it were as painful to me,
More probably than it was to them,
Sometimes I have to love myself a bit softer...hmmm hmmm

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have been an entreprewoman, my whole life,
I can recall selling multi-colored, candied apples and peanut butter cookies,
When I was eleven and twelve on 20th Ave.
Always had cash I had earned,
By fourteen I was working part-time and had a savings account,
For real,
Wasn’t hungry, or doing without,
Just all about owning me…
Years later when I first got married,
My man, quite romantically I must say,
Wanted to ‘take care of me’…
Mmmm hmmm…
And hey, for a minute I was digging that,
I was from a long line of working women,
Well actually all of them were workers…
So, when my mom, aunts and godmother discovered,
I was not working, they didn’t say much,
It wasn’t their way and they knew I didn’t allow people in my business,
But they talked over me and around me,
One day my mama came right out and said it,
‘Baby, it is really nice to be taken care of, but it is even nicer to take care of yourself.
God knows you have a good man, but you must always be prepared to take care of you if it becomes necessary…’
I knew mama wasn’t ‘hating’ but loving…
And I started to handle my business again,
I know my man has got me,
But I also know most importantly that I got me,
That if the bottom fell out tomorrow,
I could live the same way I live now,
If I had to do it by myself,
I would be lonely and sad as all get out,
But I wouldn’t be hungry and I would still have cute shoes,
So my advice to the young sisters who ask is this,
‘Sweetie, if you got a man who wants to take care of you,
Count it all joy and bask in his love and care, but, learn how to do some thangs,
Educate and create, and self-protect,
Because as sure as life is to be lived,
What you know and what you can do can never be taken away,
Or compromised,
And being able to take care of yourself is THE BIZNESS!”

That is from me and Mrs. Black? :::winking:::

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


A few minutes ago, I was sitting at my desk, exhaling,
After being back at work for two days, I have been working,
Catching up after having the best vacation of my life,
And in terms of my book, Mrs. Black? things have been so awesome,
Amazon sales the best ever of any book I have written,
Preorders doing well,
Several book release parties lined up,
Amazing reviews in the hopper,
An unsolicited radio interview,
Phe knocked on my office door,
She had a funny look on her face and she asked,
“Are you Okay?”
Smiling, I told her yes,
She then said,
“But you haven’t blogged in a while,”
I told her of course I did,
I blogged two days ago,
Her funny look told me,
I wasn’t supposed to miss a day,
My heart surged at that,
Made me know I was saying something,
To someone,
So I want to Thank God for giving me whatever little bit I have to say,
And teaching me how to say it,
And I want to Thank all who are supporting me,
And showing me love,
God knows I appreciate it,
And I want you to know too!

I will be back with something witty tomorrow!