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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well good people we are one week from Christmas, and surely all of the gifts are purchased, made, baked….surely, giggling,
I am actually ninety five percent done, I am one of those Christmas geeks who plans and shops early, I pretty much know what those on my list love and want, and I am a believer in giving folks what they want and like, otherwise it is a wasted gift,
There is nothing like having something forced on you because it has been determined by someone it is what you SHOULD have…that ain’t cool…I know it is the thought that counts but is it not kind of thoughtless to give someone who is wishing for chocolates a bag of jawbreakers…anywho…
This year the best gift is having my children on their own and charting their own courses and of course the anticipated arrival of Amira Jameela Menchan!
But this blog is about gifting oneself,
2008 has been a doozy of a year, full of change, turmoil and blessings,
I started the year off, feeling really dark,
Not appreciating to the fullest all I had,
A lot of drama was playing out all around me,
And I found myself caught up…
But as surely as a flower will bloom after the freeze,
A series of events made me look at how blessed I was and with,
God’s help and a loving man,
I made it through,
There have been other upheavals and drama,
But I felt equipped and prepared when it came and as such was able to keep it moving,
So my gift to myself this Christmas,
Is to slow down a bit,
Enjoy all I have been blessed with,
Refuse to embrace drama and get caught up in stuff,
The week after Christmas my plan is to chill!
Read some books,
Drink coffee in the morning,
And the best cabernet I can afford in the evenings,
While napping occasionally and most importantly, remembering
To give praises and be thankful for the fact that I am still here!

Love and Blessings!

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