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Monday, August 16, 2010


This past weekend my Granddaughter went on a road trip with her PaPa and I. It was wonderful, tiring and BLESSED...

However, as we spent time with our elders, I realized again that we have to be very careful of what we are imparting to our children. We can learn so much from those who are older than we are, but we can also pass down fear, superstitions and falsehoods if we are not careful.

As I listened, I was amazed by how we want people to be afraid of the things we are afraid is as if to say,,,I have been afraid X number of years and I am still alive; that may be true, but how much have you missed out on because of your fear, how many opportunities and adventures...

Then there is the food thing, wanting to stuff children full of fat, calories and salt, saying they are just babies... and that is true, but that is how we create a culture of fat, diabetic, sluggish kids,,,sorry but food is not always love,,,sometimes it is a legacy that will have them taking insulin shots and high blood pressure medicine...

Also, if we have daughters, nieces etc, we are going to have to consistently tell them there is more to life than looks and sexuality...
And teach our boys that work and responsibility are paramount and that we will not prosper from their wrong doing,,,

And please for the love of GOD and all things sacred, teach them to tell someone if ever any one touches them or says some inappropriate,,,and elders please believe them and do something about it.