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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Aged....

Every morning before my feet hit the floor, I pray,
Thanking God for bringing me to another day,
And for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me,
And for every trial he has taken me through,
Yes, I am even thankful for my trials because that is what has formed me,
Made me appreciate who I am, what I have and what I have to offer…
And for still being here,
Which brings me to what is on my mind,
Yes aging, if we keep living, aging we will,
And I have come to the conclusion that how well we age,
How well we accept aging,
Has much to do with where we are and how we feel about our lives,
Especially as women,
If we feel good about our lives,
Our loves,
Our families,
Our careers,
Chances are real good that we are not tripping about the aging process,
Because we know that we have been blessed and that with,
Love, good food, a bit of exercise, moisturizer and a good attitude,
It is all good,
And hopefully we have realized that not turning heads all the time,
Is not the end of anything…in many ways it's the beginning...
On the other hand,
If we thought we would be young and cute forever,
If we have lived like tomorrow would never come,
Squandered away our resources,
And not appreciated the journey every step of the way,
We just might be struggling with aging,
Feeling that time is running out before we have the chance to get it,
Do it,
Be it,
To that I say, slow down, relax,
Enjoy what you have,
Who you are,
What you bring,
Do what you love…
Allow life to melt on your tongue like Godiva chocolate,
That is what propels me to write more than anything,
I love it,
It rejuvenates me,
Frees me to be a whole lot of different things,
Say many things to as many people as are willing to listen,
And it is something I can do,
For as long as I want to,
That will be here long after I’m gone….



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