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Monday, December 14, 2009


Yesterday our Pastor preached about reasonableness,
I loved it~
It touched me where I live,
One of my goals over the last few years is to be as reasonable as I can,
I know that I cannot go around talking about my faith and spirit,
Full of contrariness,
And I learned a lonnnng time ago that in the long run,
Contrariness gets one nowhere,
Nowhere at all,
I think a lot of why we are so combative is we have this ingrained desire not to allow anyone the last word or to let anyone get over on us,
But you know what,
Sometimes we have to let them have their say,
And say nothing in return,
Because a part of the victory for some is getting others,
Caught up in the madness,
No thank you very much,
I have learned that when I cannot have a grown conversation with folks,
To leave them be,
Or if I have to be around them,
Just let them fill the air with words and keep quiet,
And believe you me,
They will get tired of talking at some point and either be quiet,
Or find someone else to catch up,
That is not just true in life,
But as we forge more and more online relationships,
Sometimes we have to flat out ignore some things,
Because the intent in many of the cases,
Is to get something started,
Why even go there,
Chances are you don’t know the person,
They don’t know you and what is the point,
Really, other than to be messy~
Life is complex enough without all that,
The other day a friend sent me a message,
‘She liked my spirit and that I seek peace~’
I appreciate that,
Because I try to work on my spirit each day,
Some days I fall way short,
But the next day I try again,
And in this chaotic world,
At a minimum we need inner peace~