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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Having Relations!

This morning, while listening to Shirley Murdock, I mused about relationships,
What creates them, then sustains them and how they come about,
Many of the best relationships I have, were borne of other relationships,
However, it is so wonderful to know that those relationships stand alone are bound,
Based upon their growth,
One such relationship is with my sister-in-law (sister for real) Betty,
I always knew her, but she is ten years older than I, so we weren’t friends,
Once I married her brother, we were sisters-in-law for the first ten years,
I lived around the country and we saw each other occasionally, but in 1998, my husband,
Was overseas for a year and I was in the hometown, she and I became friends, do or die sisters, and in the last several years, even moreso, we love, argue, agree and agree to disagree, but we depend on each other for love, support and honesty, and I know that our thing is exclusive of her brother, she and I would be girls no matter what…I love that…
Then there are some of the young women in my life,
They have either dated my son, had a crush on my son or been something with my son,
However, he is now married, expecting a child and lives thousands of miles away,
But these young women are part of my life, I love them,
They love me, we talk, meet for meals, the keep me abreast of the happenings in their lives, they are family, my surrogate daughters,
And though they were introduced to me by my son, their relationship with him,
Has nothing to do with me, thank God for that…
I’m not even sure what I am trying to say here other than,
Having relationships with people, should only be because you and that person,
Want to relate, it shouldn’t exist only because of some other relationship,
And it darn sure shouldn’t fall apart because of some other relationship…
We should have relations based on their own merits!

Love and Blessings!

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