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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why Qualify It?

The other night a friend of mine walked into the room and I told her,
“Lady, you look great..”
She smiled and said,
“Thanks for not qualifying it.”
I knew exactly what she meant, but another sister asked her to explain;
“Well, at least she didn’t say I looked great for an old bag…”
We laughed and I told her, I would never say that…
She replied, ‘I know, but you know some people can’t compliment another person without ‘qualifying’ it. They have to say, ‘you look good today’ or ‘you look good, you look so skinny…’
I grinned at that because I knew just what she meant,
There are so many people who always have to place qualifications on compliments,
It is as they are unable to say it without taking something away…
When a person is told they look good today…it’s as if saying, ‘you didn’t look so hot yesterday…’
Or, ‘you look great, you must have lost weight’ is almost like saying, ‘you didn’t look so good heavier.’ And though those things may be true, in the opinion of the complimentor, what is the point of saying it…
I remember years ago, a co-worker asked me if I had lost weight because I looked good,
Actually I hadn’t, I was wearing something more form-fitting than usual….
I simply thanked her and left it alone,
Because I totally understood that she was projecting her values on me,
Being skinny was the be all and end all for her,
And she had no way of understanding that a non-skinny person could be totally fine,
The way they were…and I didn’t have enough brain cells to explain it,
What I did know though is that if I had said something to her like,
“You look good today, now that you have colored your hair…”
She would have been shocked and offended…
Go figure…
So if someone looks nice,
Just say, ‘You look nice…’ Period.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Now I Remember

Do you ever ask yourself why you stopped doing a thing,
Then when you do it, it slaps you on the head...hard...
And you are reminded..
I did that a couple of times in the last couple of days,
I reached out in ways I had promised myself I wouldn't again...
In one situation, it was a no harm, no foul kind of deal...
If it had worked, it would have been all good...
If it didn't work it would just be confirmation not to go there again,
In the other case I had simply forgotten why I wasn't doing it,
It had been so long...
Anyway, it was much like trying to drink milk when you are lactose intolerant,
You sip it down, ice cold and feel so refreshed,
It has been years since you did this,
And you actually took your lactaid before doing it,
However, the minute it hit your system,
Your body says, "Girl, I know you didn't just do, what I think you did?"
And once it acknowledges that you indeed do that thing,
It makes you pay...
With the final message being,


Friday, March 27, 2009

Dreaming in Color...

Are your dreams in color,
Mine are...I admit that though I am about action,
I love dreaming...
When it comes to real dreams, the one that occur while sleep,
My dreams almost always mirror something that occurred in my life that day,
Or sometimes something I heard or saw,
Yesterday after a communication with my son,
He was a focal point in my dream,
And it gave me perspective, advising me on how to deal with that,
I am also a daydreamer,
Actually I call it writing stories in my head,
If left alone for any period of time,
And I am not mad busy, I am lost in thought,
Creating stuff in my head,
It has served me well,
Much of what I have daydreamed about has occurred,
Because I believe in putting my dreams into action,
Another dream state,
Is really not dreaming,
But seeing, visualizing what I want to do and where I want to go,
And then believing with all my being that it will occur,
I cannot tell you how many times that has worked for me,
I give it sight,
Then I internally voice it,
Then I get about doing it...


Thursday, March 26, 2009


Trusting is hard, for a lot of people it is impossible,
That is why many people shy away from religion,
Because it demands trust of the highest order,
And the trust has to be there even when things are going bad,
You simply have to believe and know that the storm will past,
As my pastor said last night, ‘At some point we have to stop wrestling with God and know that we can just hold on, cling to Him…’
That is really easy for me,
Because my faith has took me through some things,
Trust that!
Now trust in a person is of a different order,
Particularly for those of us who were raised to be fierce,
Told we don’t need nobody,
Can trust nobody,
We can do it all, relying on ourselves,
Whew…that can be so damned tiring, Trust That!
I am married to a strong, silent, loving man,
And I know without him having to tell me,
Though he does, occasionally,
I can be a handful,
And for years I relied on me,
Thought it was my responsibility to do it,
All, Superwoman for real,
Shoot, I could have a career,
Get a degree or two, while handling,
A strong marriage,
Super kids,
A clean house and cook like a chef,
Yeah child, mama was a bad mama jama,
But one day I realized how tired I was and he told me,
‘Baby, you don’t have to do all that, you have chosen to …”
I looked at him like he was freebasing,
He smiled saying,
‘Trust me…”
I was too tired to force the issue,
I was at the if it don’t fit don’t force it juncture,
So I gave into it,
Feeling it was no big deal, because I already trusted him… right?
Umm hmm,
But I learned to and I do,
And you know what the world still turns,
And I am free to be me and do the things that please me,
Because I can trust that what I don’t handle,
He has already got it covered,
Damn…that’s nice, real nice…

Love Peace and Blessings


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There Is A Story In It...

On Saturday I was at breakfast with friends and we talked about everything,
The President on Leno,
The Economy,
Education and training for young people,
Then a woman I admire much, she is pure class, about ten years older than me and got,
It going on and on,
So much so that one day, I just called her and told her,
We don't talk often, but I love it when we do,
You know that is what we should do when we admire people,
We should tell ‘em,
Anyway she wanted to talk about Schae’s Story,
And I am always down for that,
She told me how she couldn’t stop reading it,
And then she said, she wondered while reading if we knew the same people,
My answer was,
‘Of course we do, they just live in different places and answer to different names’…
And that is all I try to do when I write is tell stories to people, about people,
That is all I am,
A storyteller,
I love watching people,
Listening to them,
And then creating stories in my head,
Then transferring them to paper in my own way,
That is why I don’t trip about what people get from my work,
Or what they say,
Because I know that I told a story,
Whether it appealed to a certain person or not,
A story was told,
And while I am not trying to do anything other than tell a story,
It is way cool when someone says they dug it,
Or got something from it,
Or just want to talk about it,
I love it, love it, love it,
It’s good…all good…


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Rambler, Ramblings...

Sometimes we have to learn when to let it go,
The other day I broke down and joined another social network,
And within minutes I had several friend’s requests,
Most were people I know and some were people I had known of in other venues,
I accepted them based on that, however, within days I had to let a couple of them go,
Because here is the deal,
Angelia controls her brand,
And if you bring stuff, I don’t like or agree with,
You will be gone,
I am so serious about that,
Because it is so easy to become guilty by association,
And I am in no way interested in having any sick, sexually explicit, misogynistic,
Or mean stuff on any of my pages…
One person actually sent me another friend request after I removed them,
Come on people, no means no…
Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?
Someone ought to write a book about that!
Okay, I am being silly…but I am as serious as I can be…
On to another topic,
The other day I was in spring cleaning mode,
We painted the walls, caramel, almond and trimmed then in sesame,
They look so nice,
The same afternoon, we pruned rose bushes, planted caladiums and spruced up the yard,
Well now,
When I got inside, I looked in my checkbook and was amazed at how much waste was in there,
We had so many plans,
Email plans,
Stamps plans,
Reservations plan,
PDF plans,
So we started canceling that stuff,
I was amazed that we had been throwing away over a Cnote a month,
On stuff we didn’t ever use, or hardly ever used or that we already had access to in other ways…
I’m sure I’m not alone in this,
Sometimes we have to look hard at what we are throwing money at,
It is amazing how much is simply dribbling down the drain,
Like so much tap water, (which is all that bottled water is you know)
I just needed to Ramble aimlessly this morning,
Better than reading contracting journals…



Monday, March 23, 2009



Friday, March 20, 2009


I love Fridays, it is my favorite day after Sunday,
I love Sundays because that has always been my family time,
I don't schedule anything on that day but,
Church, family meal, and family chill time,
But Friday is my day,
For the past several years,
I have worked a four day week, and Friday is mine,
Sometimes I share it with others,
My mentees,
Lunch with my girl,
Today my eldest son is off and he will come by,
But mostly I do me,
I write on Fridays,
Shop on Fridays,
Read on Fridays,
Relax on Fridays,
Sometimes I even work,
Today I am typing a manuscript for a client,
But the beauty of it is that on Fridays,
I can stop at any point, walk outside and look at the roses,
The trees, the waterfall or just stand and breathe,
Or I can sit still doing nothing,
Sometimes I will watch two or three chick flicks on ON Demand,
I can do whatever I want to,



Thursday, March 19, 2009


I love reading, love it,
I adore writing, adore it,
And I have my rituals in how I do both,
To read, I simply need a book, magazine or several newspapers,
And no matter what is going on around me, I can lose myself in the pages of the book,
My ideal setting is my side of the sofa,
My man and I have our special sofa sides,
He is on the left side, with the desk next to him,
Where he keeps his stuff…
I am on the right side with a table I bought in Germany in 1980,
Next to it with a lamp, tons of books and magazines,
Tucked into that corner is my best reading spot,
Especially with my life partner there either watching news or dozing,
Writing is something I can also do almost anywhere,
Once I start tapping on the keys, I am in the zone,
But the ideal place is my office at home,
That room is totally me,
Filled with books, pictures of my loved ones,
A ton of music and the covers of all my books on the wall,
Scarves thrown over chairs,
It is so Angelia,
Once in there with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning,
Or a cup of green tea at midday,
Or if I’m really feeling grownup,
Red wine is in order,
I’m telling you it is sublime,
That is why I am so grateful that I waited until this point in my life to write,
I am long past the competitiveness and ambitions of my twenties and thirties,
And the exhaustion of my forties,
So now I can simply go into the zone and do my thing,
Lately I have been reading a lot,
I have written four books in fourteen months,
Three of which are out there and one ready to go whenever I decide to do it,
Feels good, to just chill, reading a good book,
Tucked in my corner of the sofa…
I love reading, writing and rituals…


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's Going ON?

It has been a bit over three years since I first published a book,
And since I entered cyberspace, so to speak,
Joining groups, talking books, making connections,
And maybe I am missing something,
But it seems to me with all the avenues we have,
Twittering, facebooking, spacing, et al,
Many people are dropping out of the game,
Or they are simply going on to advertise or get information,
And they get out as quickly as possible,
I wonder what happened,
I can remember times when my emails would be overwhelming,
I just couldn’t keep up with the posts,
I wonder is it because people are restless and move on to the next thing?
Or is it because in many cases, it just doesn’t work the way they thought it would?
I am unsure, because I never really sold out completely to it,
I utilized it to a certain extent,
But it was a lot like reading ebooks,
It is okay in a pinch, but I need a book in my hand to treasure the experience,
And that is how I built up my base of readers,
I got out there, traveling around,
Giving away books and building up a following of interested readers,
Because I figured out pretty quickly that,
Most of us in groups were trying to do the same thing,
Sell our wares,
Which meant, in most cases,
There were more sellers than buyers,
Also, I have been reading that the high drama quotient,
Have made people drop out and move on,
Life is hard enough in reality,
Than to have to deal with unnecessary stuff…
So what is really going on?
Where is everyone these days?



Tuesday, March 17, 2009


To get what we need and want, sometimes it is as simple as saying it,
I am often flabbergasted at how hard this is for people, then frustrated,
When they complain because their needs aren’t being met,
My first question is always, ‘Did you ask for or tell them what you want?”
I always taught my kids to ask me for what they wanted,
Even if I said NO, at least they had articulated their wants to me,
I let them know that as long as they were minors, I had their needs covered,

On Sunday, when I was leaving Tucson,
I told my son and daughter in law that:
A closed mouth don’t get fed…”
And what that means is, if you don’t tell me what you want,
You probably won’t get it,
Or you will get something you don’t want,

One thing I love is giving people what they like,
Or want,
At holidays, birthdays, etc.
If I know your likes, loves, desires and it is something I can do,
I will, but I need to be told…

And I have found that to be one of the main reasons,
People are so frustrated in their relationships,
Be it love, family or friendship,
They are running around assuming other people know what they want or need,
Or worse yet, assuming they know what someone else wants or needs,

The flip side of telling is asking,
Ask those in your life,
If there is anything you can do for them,
Or how they would like it done,
And if it is within your power,
Do it,
It is amazing how well it works for all involved,
Because we do have to open our mouths to be nourished,
For real…

Love and Blessings!

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Monday, March 16, 2009


Something I really appreciate, is everyone’s unique sense of style,
Note I didn’t say fashion, I said style, though fashion can be a part of it,
I love people watching and am attracted to the way people carry themselves,
And style is part of that,
A hat that sits just so on one’s head,
A shade of lipstick that only works on that person,
Or a tie that is really different worn with a very conservative suit,
Or simply the way a person looks at another person,
Cool stuff…
I certainly have my own eclectic sense of style,
I know what works for my five foot ten inch frame of the abundant behind,
I love dresses, scarves, sweaters…mixing and mingling them to suit my temperament,
I remember years ago when I came to my office,
The idea that I word dresses 99 percent of the time did not appeal to the females in my office,
The first person asked, how many dresses I owned,
I answered, ‘A lot’…
A second one wanted to know why I wore dresses,
I answered, ‘Cause I like them…’
When the third asked, I knew it was time to nip this in the bud, so I said,
“Look, I love dresses, I buy dresses, I wear dresses and please tell everyone that I am going to continue to wear dresses…I have no say in what you wear, and would appreciate your quiet about my wear…”
That ended that,
Every now and then someone will comment on my attire,
But usually not, nowadays, I am simply Angelia, in her abundance of dresses!
However, a few weeks ago we got a new employee,
Immediately I thought, ‘She sure has her own sense of style…cool”
A nice bohemian, dressy, colorful style…
Well last week I noticed she had changed her look,
Curious I asked why and she told me that people were commenting about her making
them look bad by her being so dressy, etc.
I had to giggle, saying,
“Oh I heard that ten years ago…girl, do your thing!”
A couple days I noticed she was back to her own style…
The way I see it, is what makes us unique is our differences,
Be it ethnicity, religion or style,
And unless we are breaking dress codes or doing something inappropriate,
Who are we to define someone else’s sense of style?
That sure is taking on a lot…



Saturday, March 14, 2009

You Can, If You Want To!

The other day an acquaintance asked me a most interesting question,
"How do you manage to talk to and coexist peacefully with so many types..."
She was asking me this I suppose because some of my friends are what would be considered,
Well, non-conformers...some are even a bit difficult to know and get along with,
But I do just fine with them, first because I like them, try to understand them,
And refuse to allow their 'stuff' to stand in the way of knowing them,
In plain English, I do because I want to...
The same is true of anything,
Marriages work because people want them to,
They work hard, try to the best of their abilities to get along and make concessions,
Knowing that it can be done,
A couple weeks ago,
I got on a plane from Charlotte to Phoenix,
An interesting young woman sat down next to me,
She was from South Florida,
Immediately she asked about my perfume,
I told her and we started chatting about perfume,
The we segued to where we were going and why,
Then we chatted all over the place about so many things,
We became intimate,
She was only twenty-five, half my age,
But I enjoyed her, I allowed her to read a bit of my book,
Gave her my card and we talked for almost four hours,
It was cool,
Some would ask why?
And what did an Amazonion Black Woman,
Have in common with a petite Jewish girl,
And most would say nothing,
But what we had in common most,
Was we wanted to engage,
After the initial introduction,
We knew at a minimum, we both loved great perfume,
And from there we got to know other stuff,
We talked because we wanted to,
The other night, I was sitting on the sofa,
I heard my phone beep,
And there was a pretty lengthy email from her,
Telling me how much she enjoyed our conversation,
And filling me in on her trip to Phoenix and asking me about,
My trip to Tucson...
I responded in kind...
How cool was that, to get to know someone,
Only a little bit, and only because we wanted to!

Love, Peace and Blessings!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Staying In Your Lane...

One of the hardest things to do sometimes is mind your own business,
Stay in your own lane,
However, that has always been one of my goals,
Any time that anyone comes to me for advice or information,
I will provide it to the best of my ability,
With the understanding that it is based on what has worked for me,
If it works for you...GRAND...
There are of course times when we are mandated by moral conscience to say or do something,
If someone is being harmed, especially a child, or you know that saying or doing nothing,
Is detrimental to you or someone else,
And especially when you are a mother,
Having said that, once your children are grown,
You have to learn when to pump the breaks,
Because if you have raised them properly, chances are they know what to do,
Or they know how to part their lips and ask you,
Last week I found myself in a peculiar situation,
I was in the home of my son and daughter and law,
Had never been there before, they had been married a year and there I was,
Going into their home, with them and their new baby,
The love of my heart, Amira, that baby has done a Love TKO on me, but that's a blog,
For another day...
My goal was simply to love on my grandbaby and mind my own business,
I have had nightmares about being a bad mother in law,
And have promised God, myself and my sons I would do all I could do not to be,
At first it was strange,
I tried so hard, I was almost comatose,
I just held the baby and sat there,
Finally though,
I realized and they admitted that we needed to define our roles,
I asked them to tell me how to proceed,
What they wanted from me,
When it was okay to offer advice or intervene,
I begged them to please tell me,
Because the only agenda I had was to love the baby, love and support them,
And do what is best for all,
I wanted to stay in my lane,
Drive carefully,
Follow the rules of road,
And be allowed to travel to and fro,
After we talked,
Straightened it all out,
I knew what and how I was to do,
And what to say and how to say it,
Which allowed all of us to get to the good business,
Being about making sure, Princess Amira,
Is loved, cared for, protected, taught and blessed!

Safe Driving,
Nana Angelia

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Not Me?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where all you could do was ask or cry out,
“Why Me…”
Of course you have, we all have…
Someone has done us wrong,
We feel no one understands, there is nowhere to turn,
Someone else got the best piece of chicken,
You know what I’m saying…
Well, the question we might have to ask ourselves is this,
“Why not me?”
Yes, I said it…
Why not me, none of us, not a one is exempt from stuff,
I learned this real early,
I was about twelve or thirteen,
And was going through some thangs,
That had nothing to do with me,
I was a child in circumstances beyond my control,
And some days, I would walk around in a funk,
Or sit in the library for hours, reading about a different life,
Feeling ‘Woe is Me’ and asking why,
Well one day I made the decision to voice that to my godmother,
Who at the time was in her early seventies, (she lived to be 102),
And she had been through some things, oh yeah,
She had conceived a child by a white man at fourteen,
And she had been run out of Alabama,
And that was the least of what she had seen in her life,
Anyway she turned to me and said,
‘Why not you…’
With trembling lips, I looked at her like she was nuts!
And she brought it to me,
She told me,
‘Sweetie, you had better learn right now that you are not exempt from anything,
And you should consider it a blessing that God would let you go through so much, so young, that is only his way of preparing you for a wonderful life, he is testing you to see how well you deal with the bad stuff, so he can overwhelm you with the good stuff…’
Well, honey, she said a mouthful, though I wasn’t totally sold yet,
Seeing that she added,
“There are some of us who are chosen to bear a great deal, so we can sow a great deal,
Just wait and see, God has something for you and he is trusting you with the hard stuff, so you will be prepared for the good stuff…”
She was as right as rain,
Through the years, I have learned that going through is a part of the process,
Of getting over and that whatever I have to deal with is a part of making me diamond-like, strong, lasting and grateful…
As such over the years I have learned to not question it, asking,
‘Why me…’
Especially since I don’t ask that when I am reaping the rewards!’
I just say,
“Why not me…” when it’s rough,
“Why not me…” when it’s golden!

For real, For Real,


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It is ALL Good!

Sometimes the world has to go crazy, nuts, cuckoo for cocoa puffs,
Before we completely appreciate what we have and how blessed we are…
The economy and all the other stuff surely brings it to reality…
I think about myself, how two years ago, I was chomping at the bit,
Wanting to quit a really good job,
It pays well, the benefits are amazing, I am autonomous, no one tells me what to do or,
How to do, I am trusted and respected,
But I was bored…yes people bored,
And everyday I sat at my desk, thinking, ‘I want out of here…’
Today, I fell totally different,
Because as I listen to the news and look around me,
I know I am in a blessed place and this job is the least of it,
I love and am loved,
I need and am needed,
I honestly, truly and unequivocally know that what God,
Brings you to, he can take you through and that everyday is a new day,
And that is enough to keep my grateful, thankful and handling my business!

Love and Blessings!

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


***** Life's Handbook...

Food for thought was what came to mind as I read Ramblings: Volume One: A Blogged Book by Angelia Vernon Menchan. There were life lessons, learned through the experiences of Mrs. Menchan. There were things she witnessed and realized in her own time; nothing forced on her by what others thought was the "right way." Two of the pieces I connected with were "Don't Go For That!" and "Feeding Those Who Feed You." For me, both pieces went hand in hand with each other. They made me say this is common sense forgotten.

Ramblings: Volume One: A Blogged Book is not a very big book, but I did not rush to read it. My reason goes back to thinking each piece was food for thought. There is a meaning on each page, however the only one who will receive the lesson is the person who can best relate to it. I believe there is a message for everyone. I hope that all who are meant to be blessed with unforced, non-judgmental life skills, or a simple reinforcement of the right way is the way that best suits you will pick up Ramblings. I recommend it to everyone, young and old.

Jennifer Coissiere
APOOO BookClub

***** Words of Wisdom to Live By...

Angelia has done it again! It took me a while to write a review because this is a book that you can read straight through. When reading each blog, you have ponder and meditate on it. My husband has started reading Ramblings. I can't believe it, he's not a big reader. He said that he enjoyed reading this book. He said that Mrs. Menchan's words are the truth. There are several blogs that are my favorite, "Emotional and Unprepared", "Bound or Free".

I'm only halfway through the book. I've called and had discussions about different blogs with my friends. I really love this book. I will be purchasing some more books for my friends and families as gifts. Thank you Mrs. Menchan for sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us. I look forward to your next book.
Rhonda T. Gilbert "RTG"

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