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Saturday, October 24, 2009


One of the harder things things to do, seems like one of the simpler,
And that is be true to yourself,
For years I covered up not being true to myself, by saying I was...
Lying to myself in essence,
Because myself was what everyone knew, but there were so many layers to me,
That were unknown, because,
I just magnified the one's people liked~
My husband loved my conservative look,
So I played to that, I loved it also,
But there were times I wanted to wear Russian Red lipstick,
With my pearls and show my rather, umm excellent cleavage...
But for years I didn't,
Didn't want to make him mad,
Then one day I did,
Because what I knew for sure was that the woman he loved,
Was conservative, a bit inclined to show cleavage and loved to make her lips pop,
And if he loved me as he professed, he would deal with it,
Much the way I had when he first shaved his head~
I loves it now, but wasnt feeling it then,
But love is acceptance of all the person brings to the table...
Umm to the hmm...
Also the same was true with my sons,
I felt that I could only express what I truly liked about them,
And as such I didnt say the other stuff until they pissed me off,
And then it came out HARSH~
Then I would spend time feeling like less than a supportive mama,
But being true to me has taught me that I can say,
"Son you are really talented at such and such, but when it comes to so and so, you are just,
Do that like that,
Heck to the no,
But do I spend much time concerned with what they like,
Because what I know for sure,
Is that GOD made me unique and that trying to first please HIM,
Is my focus,
Then working on being the best person HE has made me to be,
And if I handle that,
The folks in my life should be able to accept that,
As I accept them,
Russian Red Lips and ALL!