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Friday, December 17, 2010


I am up at 5 am, writing and having coffee, it takes me back 5 years when I was finished with Black's Obsession, was sitting reading it and did not have a clue what it all meant if month later I published it, unbeknownst to the world and here we are 10 books later and still growing...Who knew, only God, to be sure.

Because that first book of mine was an unedited mess, however, it was mess with a message that seemed to resonate with people, a message that Black men were about more than the media portrays, they LOVE, TAKE CARE OF THEIR FAMILIES, ARE EDUCATED...

That Black Women are honored, revered and are practically worshipped by their men, their children, those in their communities...

That it really does take a village to raise children;

More importantly, it was about humans, flawed people, people who make mistakes, have affairs, have same sex desires, go to church and still mess up, but while doing all those things they try to do better, become better, live was a book, but much like life...

That is really all I set out to do when I started writing, tell stories about life...complex people with choices and decisions and who overcome and sometimes fall short.

I didn't have an idea of numbers or ratings or reviews and didnt care a hella lot, guess what I still don't. Because what I did was stay true to what I knew and know and tried to give the best product I knew how.

So every time someone purchases a book or books, asks me to a book club event, or to do something online or to show up and speak to someone, I am still surprised, pleased and feeling blessed to do so. Because I didnt plan any of this, I listened to myself, and mostly to God who has always said to me, 'My child, do your best, while believing on me and I will do the rest.' I am trying to be an obedient child.