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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CHANGE...It's In Me...

Yesterday was surreal, I spent most of the day, sitting on my sofa watching Inaugural Events,
I have never been as touched by anything as external in my life, for whatever reason, it meant many things to many people, and Change is real...
However, what most of us are going to have to realize and own is that change is mostly internal,
Choosing to do things differently, see things differently and accepting that when things don't go as we wanted them to, it is only because it was not supposed to...
I reflected on my own life and why I am here, able to do what I do,
And I can tell you so freely (oh what a revelation) that there were things that transpired,
In my life, at a very early age that if God had been different,
And I had been different, I would not be here today,
What saved me is not realizing that I was supposed to be mad at anyone,
Or that I was not bound by my circumstances,
And only I could define who I was and what I would be,
Or bitter about things that were done,
Or so wrapped up in not getting my way that I was stuck, unable to move,
So in my innocence, (Thank God) for that,
I chose to pick myself up from every bad thing,
And continue to move forward, with my head held high,
There were those who thought my head was a little too high,
But those I chose and continually choose to ignore,
Because my life is about me,
And as for the change factor,
Every single time I realized I was doing the wrong thing, going in the wrong direction,
I made a change and did something different,
I have pretty good tolerance levels,
But have no tolerance for those who choose to do the same things over and over again,
Getting the same results, and the choosing to blame it on someone or something else,
Sorry, but the first time is a mistake, the second time is a slip, beyond that it becomes a choice,
I told my sons that once they were men,
I was down for whatever the first time,
I would be almost down the second time,
But when the decision is made to continue a pattern of behavior,
Then it is time to handle it on your own or make a change,
Otherwise you will always get what you always got,
And do what you always did,
And if yesterday said anything,
It is that we can all CHANGE and do something different....

Love, Peace and Blessings!