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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Role Playing....

Yesterday was a day for epiphanies,
I love and unlove those days,
Love them because they are tied to my growth,
Unlove them because they hurt like a twelve letter cuss word!
It reminded me of something Ms. Alberta Brown wrote in my yearbook when I graduated from high school…
Ms. Brown was the ultimate educator,
Tall, slim, light brown, verbose, pumps and pearls, take no prisoners,
Assistant Principal…
I dug her,
She wrote;
Learning begins in the cradle and ends at the grave…
For real,
And one thing I have had to learn and relearn is what my role is in the life of those I love,
I was my mother’s daughter,
My husband’s wife,
My children’s mother,
And recently I became a grandmother,
And the only role I have to love her,
Give her what little bit of me she is willing to accept,
And most importantly to remember that her parents are her parents,
Which means I am left with a great deal of time to do those things that feed my soul,
Go to my church for the word,
Hang out with my man,
Sit quietly in a corner,
Read a book or five,
I read five this week and am working fervently on six,
Write as many books as I want to,
About any subject I feel like,
And you know why,
Because when you play your role,
Know your place and accept your position,
It frees up a bunch of time to just,


Other folks thoughts of you are not your business…