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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It Is What It Is...

I was thinking about a friend this morning, one I hadn’t seen in a while,
And I remember one of our own going conversations,
And that was the one about people getting it together,
She had been in various struggles for most of her life,
And she held out hope that one day it would be better,
Though she continually made the same choices,
With the same results, over and over again…
Whenever we talked about some young person, she would always argue the point,
That any day now that person would change, be better, do better, live better…
One day she became incensed with me because I said,
That some people never do better,
They could, but they just don’t,
I was stunned by her fury, but driving home later that day,
I knew why,
Because if she could believe that others would miraculously change,
Then there was still hope for her…
Because to accept the fact,
That there are truly those amongst us who will always struggle,
Calls for introspection and self-evaluation and that is hard…
So hard,
Yesterday I was talking to a young person in my life,
Who is not all that young any longer,
And I could literally smell inertia,
It was painful to see that it would literally take a miracle for this,
Very gifted and talented person to get it together,
To be all they could be, so to speak,
Because way too much time was spent,
On excuse making,
Living in the moment with no eye on the future,
And plain old garden variety fear….
The great soul-killer,
And in this case,
I am almost sure it is the fear of success,
Because when one succeeds, does well,
Handles one’s business,
It means one is an adult,
Responsible for one’s self,
And for a lot of people that is too much work,
It is easier to go along to get along,
Get by rather than get over,
That’s too bad,