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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Anthony Hamilton - Do You Feel Me - Free Music Download, MP3, ARTISTdirect Network

Anthony Hamilton - Do You Feel Me - Free Music Download, MP3, ARTISTdirect Network

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Well I think it’s time for mama to talk about sex,
Yeah you heard me sex…
The first thing I want to say to my young ladies is that for many men,
Sex is just that… sex,
The working of two bodies to a mutual end,
A satisfying end…
If you are lucky…
But it is still about the umm… end…
And I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings,
But here it is,
If he is not in love with you,
Chances are that no matter how good,
The ummm sex is,
It will not get him to fall in love with you,
Because for some folks, the naa naa is just the naa naa…
And if there is one thing in abundance in this world it is more naa naa,
Naa naa over here, naa naa over there…naa naa everywhere!
So if he is married and decides to accept some loving from you,
Or even if he’s not…
Don’t believe the hype that the sex will be so awesome,
That he will pack up and leave home and hearth,
Chances are that will not happen…
We are going to have to teach our girls that the best sex,
Is the sex that occurs with people who love and respect each other,
And that it is not a way to get something,
Well it is a way to get something, something you can’t get rid of,
But I digress…
It is not a way to get something,
Because if that is how you get it,
Chances are you won’t keep it,
I can recall years ago asking a friend,
Why she shared herself so freely,
And she told,
‘Well they say they love me and that I am the best…’
My question was, ‘Where are they now…’
She didn’t have an answer…
There is no answer…
Because I’m telling you,
For so many,
It ain’t nothing…
Just something to do,
And my sisters you are worth more than that…
For sure…