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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This past week in talking about my book, Mrs. Black? it was mentioned a couple of times that the players even when not very nice were not combative,
I was asked why and other than my own truth,
Which is this,
I know for sure that most situations can be resolved without excessive drama,
Often drama is precipitated by what others think one should do and say,
As opposed to what is best,
As such when I am writing,
I write as I KNOW things can be and often are in those situations,
That no one hears about,
For instance in the case of infidelity,
A lot of people cheat,
A proven fact,
And as quiet as it’s kept,
People get past it, over it and live their lives again,
Many without divorcing or running up and down the street with a revolver,
Or beating up on anyone~
The same is true of all life,
The other day I was walking behind a newly divorced woman and she,
Was professing to her friends how glad she was not to have to do this,
That or the other,
The other women laughed,
But I didn’t because I saw her eyes,
And could feel the pain in her words,
She was only saying those words to make herself feel better and to try to convince,
The Sistas,
That she was cool…
Another thing is that people think women have a monopoly on compromise,
And understanding,
Sure according to the press that is true,
But I kid you not, the PRESS don’t know it all,
There are a plethora of compromising,
Understanding men,
Who are willing to do what it takes to satisfy or be with a woman,
Even if the world thinks he is nuts,
Because some men know just like women,
That the WORLD,
Didn’t give it and the WORLD can’t take it away,