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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Right to Write...

Yesterday, I opened the pages of a book by one of my favorite authors,
I had discovered his books years ago, he wrote of family sagas,
The way men related to their families,
My kind of work,
He had three of those,
Then he went a bit mainstream, more contemporary,
And I dug those as well,
But not as much as the earlier ones, but I am a loyalist,
So I hung in there,
However, yesterday, I was 'sore' disappointed,
In the latest offering...
Now that I am a writer I actually understand,
When one works for someone, one has to give the powers that be what they want,
Or potentially they won't be writing for them again,
And as we know money talks and you know what walks,
I also know that Writers have The Right to Write, whatever they choose to,
I respect that,
That's probably why I publish my own work and have never tried to do it differently,
Because I know that some of the permutations I take my characters through,
Would probably not fly, traditionally...
But as a reader, I am sometimes wistful, about the way things used to be,
When I read an author I have so loved,
Doing what they do,
Not because they want to,
But because they have to!
But, it's cool, now that I have vented,
I will give him another try,
After all, it's just one book...

Peace and Love!

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