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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In The Mix...

I try to mix it up in every area of my life,
That is made crystal clear when you look at the people I call friends…
There couldn’t be a more diverse group of people on the planet,
To be my friend I require honesty, fairness, open-heartedness, open-mindedness, a sense of realness and the ability to laugh until your side aches,
I don’t care where you went to school, who your people are, how you look, how much money you earn, where you live or if you have a pedigree or not,
Most of the time this works beautifully, but occasionally it doesn’t work at all,
There have been times at work when my friends would try to get together and well it didn’t work a twit,
A few weeks ago, a couple of my friends came together by chance with me,
And immediately I could feel the tension,
We were discussing an issue,
One was on one side and quite vocal about it,
The other was on the other side and not as vocal, but the eyes and mannerisms told the story,
I was somewhere in the middle per usual and could see both points of view,
But chose to stay mum,
It worked itself out, but man was I tired at the end of that conversation,
That is one of the main reasons I love story-telling,
I can add all of these diverse, different thinking, different living people to the mix,
Allowing people to see how differences can work,
Painting a picture that we don’t all have to be alike,
To get along,
I am here to tell you that some of the best times of my life have been spent with people
Who are as different from me as night is from day,
But we respect each other and are willing to embrace and enjoy what the other brings to the table,
And also be willing to agree to disagree,
Not allowing it to tear us apart,
I have many friends like that,
One who is more like that than most is my girl Nicole,
We have similarities,
But so many differences,
She brings me homemade Lebanese food,
I will pass on some soulful food to her,
We can talk about, argue about, agree or disagree about anything,
But at the end of the day or the conversation we are as cool as frozen lemonade,
Laughing about the absurdities,
Willing to start each conversation fresh,
Without the baggage of the old stuff,
We also know how to keep our friends who don’t quite click away from each other…
We are by definition, mixing it up beautifully…

Blessings and Friendship,