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Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Hold So Tight!

I have always been self-contained…
I can socialize with the best of them, love laughing until my side hurts,
But at the end of the day, week, year, I am a solo chick,
One of the things that confuse and make me come out swinging is when someone tries to,
Control or manipulate my actions…
I can recall as a young girl, my mom would often leave me to my own devices,
Because she knew she could trust me to do what I was supposed to do,
She also respected me, as a person, though I was her child, she expected me to have enough sense to make decisions, she never told me who to befriend, date, love because she knew she had raised me!
My husband also appreciates my need to be me and to sometimes go my own way, and blaze my own trails, he knows that I love him and his best interests are always first and he has to compete with no one or nothing for my time…
As my kids have become grown, they too respect my space,
If they call and I say I am busy, they say cool and when I am available then we can do something,
Those that know me, know that I will also treat them in kind,
I have no restrictions on my friendships, I feel that people should be close to whomever they chose and however they want to,
If a friend is rolling with someone, I don’t particularly want to roll with,
I simply say, ‘No thanks, not today, maybe we can do something later.’
The next time we can hang out do something,
And I absolutely need the same kind of space,
A sure way to turn me off and cause me to head for the hills,
Is to crowd me, make me feel I owe you something or try to make me feel beholden,
I am gone like the wind,
Because the way I see it, is there is enough of me to have diverse relationships and communications and for me to be with someone doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with someone else, sometimes it means I dig them, I dig you, but occasionally it is just a one on one…no harm no foul.
If I am RAMBLING here, it is because I am,
Sometimes, the only way to vent is to vent,
And that is why I love this blogging thing,
It frees me to do two things at once,
And Express what is rolling around in my head space…


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