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Sunday, August 24, 2008

If You Don't Agree With Me...Then...

I chuckle sometimes at the absurdities of life and people,
My own mostly,
However one thing I try and usually am able to pull off is,
Respecting someone's decision to disagree with me...
Choose their own friends,
Not allowing it to affect us,
And generally to allow folks to dance to their own inner music,
I always remember when I was growing up,
There were people in my family, who if they weren't digging someone,
No one else was supposed to,
I didn't buy into that then,
Won't buy in now, to each his own...
The same is true of friends,
I have a cross section of friends, I love who I love,
I am very careful about not mixing up the wrong crew,
But I will always respect and honor my peeps,
And if someone can't get with that...
The same is also true when it comes to my opionions on,
Religion or any old thing,
I truly feel that differences are so attractive and since I love a good debate,
We can talk about what we don't agree and agree to disagree,
Or we can choose to talk about those things that we have in common or as the Germans say,
Die Bieden...
But please don't place conditions on a sister,
Needing her to make decisions about people, places or things,
Because of how you make decisions, it won't happen...
I will simply still dance to that inner music,
Going my own way and doing my own thing,
And allowing you to do likewise...

Love You Like Cake!

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