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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I love a good discussion; revel in a debate, but I don’t want anything to do with a conversation that is focused on bashing or forcing a mindset change. I have changed my mind many times, and there have been times when it was based on a good conversation or debate, but never because someone felt that the only way to see things is their way and if you don’t, they will resort to street-fighting.

I have seen a good bit of this over the past week as voting occurred and with the release of the Tyler Perry’s new movie, ‘For Colored Girls.’ The way I feel about voting is that all of us as right thinking, caring about our future adults should exercise our God given and hard won right to vote. I also believe that even if we look similar and have similar histories and circumstances it is our choice who we vote for.

As individuals we get to choose. We may not agree, may have totally differing reasons for our choices, but we do have the right to choose. We also, alas, have the right to choose not to vote. It breaks my heart that we don’t see how important our votes and choices are, but here again is choice and I am not going to get in a bloody nose battle with someone after the voting is done because they didn’t do what I wished or my way. What sense does that make, ultimately. Don’t change a dang thang.

As to movies, I am bemused and amused by how wrapped around the axle we get about THAT. I read For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide 35 years ago and loved the poetry, filled with pain and some hope. As to the movie, I plan to go this week with an open mind and heart. Only because I wish too. I have also been fortunate enough to engage in some intense, rollicking, agreeing to disagree conversations about it, where regardless of how people felt they remained respectful. One of my faves had several men opine about why they weren’t interested in seeing the movie. And while I didn’t necessarily agree, I totally felt it was their right to chose.

Now yesterday I saw several, can I say rather unNice and downright contentious debates going on and I chose to glide on by. Because while I felt everyone is entitled to their opinion, I don’t get down with slinging mud for mud’s sake. I also don’t feel it is my place to tell Mr. Perry how to produce and direct his movies. The man knows what he is doing and he is wise enough to know that everyone is not going to agree.

I am unsure why people feel they can tell writers what to write, singers what to sing, designers what to design and directors what to direct. There is a simple solution you know to all of this, if you don’t like it, don’t spend a dime on it.

Seems so simple to me, though it seems that MY PEOPLE, yes I said it, feel we have the right to tell everybody how to do their own thing, whether we are doing a thing or not. And to those of us who have our own artistic endeavors, we might want to be mindful, because the next thing getting bashed might be our thing…