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Monday, April 12, 2010


I have decided that I am a bonafide weirdo…totally…first because I am a person who absolutely not allow a person I don’t dig, do something for me…I don’t care what it is, if I can’t get with the person, then it seems just flat out wrong to accept something from them or their stuff…wrong on all levels…people who can do it fascinate me…can take and take and then trash the people who they take from…what in the world is that all about…

On another front…more weirdness from me, I don’t expect things from anyone that I am not willing to do myself…if I say let’s do something, my expectation is that I will do as much of it as you do, now if I say, do this for me or that for me, what I mean is, tell my how much this will cost and if I can afford it, let’s do it…if not, then I will wait until I can…period…I know strange chick~

I observe people closely, always have, probably why I write books…and the sheer numbers of people who will allow someone to wine them, dine them and do for them and they straight up don’t like the person seems like undercover prostitution to me…at least prostitutes say upfront, ‘Hey trick, I want your money, you give me this and I will give you that…” Fair, umm trade, so to speak…

The other thing is how we choose who we will dig, here I go being weird again, but most people I dig have something cool about them, I like their spirit, find them funny, interesting, want to spend time around them…it never ever has to do with who else they dig…this one really puzzles me, there are so many folk who never paid me one iota of attention until someone else did…now in a way that is cool, because to get to know someone you have to be introduced to them…on the other hand, if the only reason you are trying to roll with a sista is because she is rolling with someone else, not cool…now here is the bigger thing that gets me…those who only want you to dig people they dig…ARE YOU KIDDING ME…this is something I never understood in ELEMENTARY school and as a woman who has lived over five decades I find it to be insanity and insecurity at the highest level, there is not one of us, no not one who should demand that from another. To literally say to someone if you like her, I won’t like you, or if you spend time with him, I cannot spend time with you…if you talk to them, you cannot talk to me…come on people that is manipulation and control not friendship and if you cannot trust your friends then get ones you can…but me thinks it is not about trusting your friends but about being trustworthy yourself…it is possible that you know you cannot be a good friend to another so you are always thinking that someone cannot be a good friend to you…think about it…okay I am done RAMBLING for a minute…