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Monday, September 29, 2008

Why Fiction?

An interesting question that I am often asked is, ‘Why Fiction?’…
Particularly with my YA title, ‘Is NO Not Clear Enough For You?,
And by those who know of my work as a mentor,
My first answer is why not?
But, actually, I understand, then, I explain,
It is pretty simple really,
I could have written a non-fiction book, ‘telling’ young ladies,
What not to do, how not to do it and many would have read it,
However, not as many and I would not have had the comments or rapport I had with them, simply because we are in a ‘Show Me’ world,
And that is what my goal was, to show how young people could and would act in different situations and different environments,
Malaaka, though the child of a single parent was raised with love, attention and respect,
As such she was pretty clear-headed about what she wanted, knowing she would be supported and chastised when wrong,
On the other hand her friend, Kimlyn, was given all money could by,
But no one ever supported or chastised her, ever, so she did what many young people do,
She discovered the negative attention, beat the heck out of no attention,
So she looked for that attention in all the wrong places,
By fictionalizing the truth, I was able, or so they say,
To make them think, laugh, cry, learn, feel...
My only goal!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Business Handling!

One of my favorite phrases, is 'Handle Your Business'...
That means all your business,
And in these times of financial instability, we better,
I can say I haven't been tripping,
Only because of my faith,
But also with my faith, I handle my business,
I knew when all that housing mess was going on,
Not to take out any lines of credit,
It just didn't make sense,
Too much, too soon is always going to deflate,
It just is,
Also, as an investor, you have to know the patience is always the order of the day,
Now is the time, to sit still, make sure your money is in those things,
We always need and will require,
And wait it out, faithfully,
And it is also time to tighten up and utilize any skills you have,
I have a job, I write books, but mother also has some other things going on,
That can generate income if needed, all eggs in a basket is never a good thing,
This morning, I was working on some programs, christmas cards and the like for different folks,
And I thanked God for showing me what I try to pass on...
Don't talk about what you want to do, be about it, believing it can and will,
And remember as my ninth grade geometry teacher told me,
Small things can take you big places,
I took that to mean,
I might not always make the most,
Or be the biggest fish in the pond,
But I can stay in the water,
Swimming upstream...


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unprecedented Times!

We are truly living in uprecedented times,
I remember at the beginning of the calender year, I blogged about,
08 meaning change biblically,
Well I didn't have a clue how true that all was....
I have seen some happenings I never thought I would see,
I am not ashamed to say that I never thought I would see a Black Man,
As the presidential nominee in my life,
Keeping Hope Alive, aside, it just didn't seem it would happen,
Couldn't even fathom who it would be, but here we are,
Surely did not expect to see a female candidate for Vice President,
At the same time, well now,
There are so many other things I never expected to see,
Young people wilding in the streets, shooting folks as though,
It is just no thing,
On the news the other night, two young men, went into a 90 year old,
Woman's home, beat her so badly they broke her neck,
And a while later, they were filmed at Walmart, after having used the card,
Eating a bag of chips and laughing it up with a young woman,
I know that is not what was meant by 'All that and a bag of chips'...
Unprecedented, at least in my eternal optimism,
However, for me, personally, it has truly been a year of change,
The beginning of the year found me nuttier, than the proverbial fruitcake,
Trying to be all things, do all things and handle all things,
I know you hear the strings, of Alicia Keyes, "Superwoman" there,
But as will always happen,
God, said, 'Hold up wait a minute..."
And brought me to the place where I had to get on my knees and look up,
Confessing, that not only can't I do everything, I am not supposed to,
Ms. Is NO not Clear Enough For You, had to learn to say no and mean it,
Because as she told the world, saying no to others is saying, 'Yes to me...'
Well, now, talk about unprecedented,
But we get there when it's time...
And as I know for sure,
It Is All Good...



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Woman Raised!

This morning, I woke up with all my women on my mind!
NO, this is not a confessional...giggling,
I mean the women who raised me,
There was my Mama, Ora Lee, a fierce, passionate, take no prisoners kind of sister,
Tall, beautiful, with the coolest grey afro, it was graying since the teen years and she never,
Died it, she knew her smooth face looked even better with the grey hair,
She was known for her outspoken- independence, and being one of the flyest sisters on the planet,
On a fashion tip, I just knew her as Mama or Mama Lee,
The realest and the coolest, who raised her daughters to be fearless and independent,
Thanks Mama,
And then there was my Aunt Elouise,
Never had any children, but she helped raise all of us,
I can remember summers, she would have several of her nieces,
Marching us off to the swimming pool, to learn how to swim,
Then later in the day, she would braid our hair, make homemade biscuits,
And talk to us, she was tough, woo wee, was she tough, but a loving tough,
In her latter years she was 'my girl'...we would take off on little ventures together,
Then there was my Godmother, Ms. Eva, she lived to be 102,
She was there when I was born,
And part of my life forever,
She was so practical and honest about everything,
I remember her telling me about sex,
And protecting myself, and not settling for any wooden nickles from a man,
She was a bit more graphic than that, but this is a family show...
Man did I love those those women, and they loved them some me,
Now as the mentor to others,
I know that I am paying it forward,
But there are some days, when I miss being the youngster,
The one sitting at the feet of the elders,
But it's cool,
Just so glad, I was raised by those women!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Head up, Shoulders Straight!

Whenever I see someone, walking with their heads down, shoulders slumped,
I want to say what my grandma, always said to me,
‘Baby, head up, shoulders straight, face the world head on’
She said that to me because I was a tall girl and she wanted me to carry it proudly,
I thank her and love her for it,
This morning, however, I saw a woman in my office walk through the hallways,
Face down, shoulders slumped and I wanted to say the same thing to her,
Because in the message my grandma gave me, one thing I learned is that,
Head up and shoulders straight, makes for a better day, no matter what is going on in your life…
I suppose it is more a mindset and an attitude than anything else,
When I am going through something, and I have been through some thangs…trust,
I found that when I face it, stare it straight in the eye, pray and believe,
The best things come to fruition,
Because I am a true believer in the light at the end of the tunnel,
Triumph through the trials,
And that how you look at it, determines how you deal with it,
Also, if you want someone to talk to you about what is going on,
Talk to them, people tend to flee in the face of sadness,
Not because they don’t care, but, because oftentimes they are unsure what,
To do or to say…
So looking straight at them, head up and shoulders straight,
Might allow them to see you,
Because that attitude says here I am, this is me,
And that is good enough!

Love Ya!

Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pro Something, Anti Nothing!

I am always befuddled by how many assume that if one is PRO something, they must
Be ANTI, something else, it just ain’t so…
Being Pro-Woman, as I am, certainly does not mean Anti-Man, I am married three decades, to an awesome man, and have stretch marks to prove I produced two really cool men, I am Pro-People, but being a woman, I am certainly in the fight for my sisters,
I recall years ago, working in a bookstore in Ocala,
I was the first Black person, who had worked there,
Wasn’t sure why, maybe no other Blacks had applied (sic),
I was the Senior Assistant Manager, and believe me it was just a title,
But I was entering my thirties, had a small child and was in career transistion,
Had just left a sixty hour a week career, was taking a year long…something,
The manager was half Native-American and half White, cool people,
And the bookstore was filled with the latest titles, it was 88-89 and Danielle Steele,
Eugenia Price and Jackie Collins ruled the world,
I immediately noticed that the only Black authors were Alice Walker and Toni Morrison,
Of course they were award winners and I loved them, and this was pre-Terri McMillan and E. Lynn Harris but surely, I assumed, we could have some Giovanni, Baldwin, Shange, and other titles by Walker other than The Color Purple and Morrison’s Beloved,
So I went to the Ingram catalog and ordered a book or two of many titles written by Black authors, they flew off the shelves, especially the ones by Maya Angelou,
Life was good, our clientele was still mostly, retired, white people, but a bit of color, showed up every now and then,
However, what I didn’t know and was startled to discover was my co-workers felt I was Anti-White books,
How the heck did they come up with that when I read every bestseller that came in the store, and stood for hours on end discussing with the regulars…
So I inquired,
And the manager told me it was because I was ordering so many Black books and was so,
Pro-Black, well of course a light went off in my head…
In order to be Pro-Black, I had to be Anti-White,
Come on, give me a break,
I kindly and gently explained that I was simply about options,
And I told her I was very surprised that in Central Florida, she didn’t have more,
Native American Books, her face colored, I knew I had hit a nerve,
So ever more gently, I said,
To be Pro anything, doesn’t make you Anti anything else,
It simply makes you well rounded and well read and diverse,
It also shows you are proud of who you are,
That was the last time we had that conversation….

Love and Blessings!
Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Right to Write...

Yesterday, I opened the pages of a book by one of my favorite authors,
I had discovered his books years ago, he wrote of family sagas,
The way men related to their families,
My kind of work,
He had three of those,
Then he went a bit mainstream, more contemporary,
And I dug those as well,
But not as much as the earlier ones, but I am a loyalist,
So I hung in there,
However, yesterday, I was 'sore' disappointed,
In the latest offering...
Now that I am a writer I actually understand,
When one works for someone, one has to give the powers that be what they want,
Or potentially they won't be writing for them again,
And as we know money talks and you know what walks,
I also know that Writers have The Right to Write, whatever they choose to,
I respect that,
That's probably why I publish my own work and have never tried to do it differently,
Because I know that some of the permutations I take my characters through,
Would probably not fly, traditionally...
But as a reader, I am sometimes wistful, about the way things used to be,
When I read an author I have so loved,
Doing what they do,
Not because they want to,
But because they have to!
But, it's cool, now that I have vented,
I will give him another try,
After all, it's just one book...

Peace and Love!

Schae's Story: A Woman's Transformation

Friday, September 19, 2008

They Made Me Do It?

This morning I was thinking of all the people that made me be my best self,
Of course it started at home, my mama, aunts, godmother, older cousins,
Teaching me how to carry myself, read, write, think outside the box,
But there were many others who added to the mix,
I remember first grade, my teacher Ms. Vereen, a cousin, telling us to read a few pages,
Well Ms. I Have Been reading since I was four, read the whole little book, and told everyone,
She walked over realizing what I had done and tapped me on my hand, hard...
I was puzzled, she later told me that one needed to follow what they were told,
And not show off, she then winked at me proudly,
Never forgot that...
Second grade, found me in another family member's classroom, Mrs. Jones,
She forced me to compete in everything that came along,
Every program I had to be a part of, I elocuted and pronunciated until I spoke the,
Queen's English, I was one proper little something,
Lawd, but, I thank her...
Fourth grade found me with Ms. Holt,
She was fresh out of college, but tough,
She wouldn't allow me to compete in the spelling bee,
I was so mad because I knew I could win that twenty dollars,
After all I was a mad speller...
But she told me why,
That the other kids needed the opportunity to learn and feel their accomplishments,
Didn't get it then and felt cheated for years, but in time I understood,
Well, when I got to sixth grade,
It was the end of the sixties, and mini skirts were in,
Everyday when I got away from home, I hiked my skirt up to my neck,
However, Mr. Allen, someone from my neighborhood and from my old school,
Was now my math teacher,
Called me in to his office and told me,
"Your mama did not send you from home with your skirts that high and unless you want me to tell her, pull it down." Of course I rolled my eyes...
"Young lady, you can roll your eyes all you want to, but, you will do what I say, I see how some of these older boys, who are going nowhere look at you and unless you want to end up nowhere also, you better listen..." He hurt my feelings for sure, of course I knew they were looking, Helllloooooooo!
But, I didn't want or need him talking to mama, so I complied and looking back I am glad I listened....
I want to thank all those people in my life,
Who made me do what I thought I didn't want to do,
They are instrumental in me doing what I am able to do today....

Love and Blessings!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Simple Stuff!

Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that makes all the difference in the world,
Last night my husband was telling me our son had called him,
I could see from the joy on his face, something had happened that had touched his heart,
I of course wanted in on it,
We had sent our son a box for his birthday,
Filled with things he loved, small things, that he loves,
Mostly treats and notebooks and special pencils he likes writing his music with,
He’s twenty-three but he’s our child…anyway,
His dad had slipped in a bottle of new cologne,
And yesterday he called his dad, gleefully telling him how good he smelled,
He said there was the scent of vanilla, but masculine so he was going to call it
That simple, funny exchange filled a father’s heart with joy and his face with a smile,
Which proves it doesn’t take much to say I love you or show someone how important they are to you,
Or to let them know how much what they do means,
That is exactly how I felt this morning when I got an email from someone,
Who has read all my books, even traveled six hours round trip to attend a book discussion,
I hadn’t heard from her in a while, but she sent me a note to say,
As soon as Schae’s Story was printed, she wanted her copy and to remind,
Me that she is my number one fan!
Filled my heart with joy, and allowed my overworked butt to grin at six in the morning!
How cool is that!!!

Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where Ya At?

Conversations I have or had, constantly, play in my head…
One such conversation occurred a couple years ago,
With someone I love dearly,
She is a bit older than I,
I was at a transforming stage, (one of many in a chameleon’s life)
My kids were newly grown,
I was writing, enjoying being an empty nester,
Renewing my love with my love,
And I guess it was oozing from my pores,
So she asked me,
Why are you so damn happy!
I turned to her asking, why are you so damn unhappy!
Our eyes watered and she said,
‘Because I’m not where I want to be, doing what I want to do…’
I am not sure what she wanted me to say, but what I said was this,
“Then that’s the problem, if where you are isn’t where you want to be, then,
You are so consumed with that, you can't enjoy where you might end up.”
Simple, really,
If one is bogged down in regrets or self-pity about where they are,
Or where they think they should be, there is a good chance they aren’t going anywhere,
That kind of stuff is what keeps us bound, with mental albatrosses around our neck…
She looked at me in surprise, I hadn’t said what she wanted,
But I wasn’t focused on that, because sometimes we have to give what’s needed,
The straightness…
Finally, she said,
“You right, I spend so much time waiting for my ship to come in…”
“Well, you got to stop that, and hop on a variety of ships until you find the one that’s sailing right, and from that you get a journey, and no one, not even you can sit around thinking, ‘I missed the boat.”
She looked at me like the nut, she knew me to be,
Then we both giggled, pleased at that moment with where we were at!

Love You Madly!

Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What to Say and When!

This morning I had a funny gaffe...
We have a couple of new people on my team and they are under 30,
They have the most innovative, creative, fresh minds, and I love it,,,
Our office is known for being innovators and ship-shapers, and ahead of the curve,
But many of us have been in this office for years, so doing what we do is second nature,
We truly needed newness...
So, Ms. Politically Correct,
Yelled out, 'Thanks for fresh new minds!"
Woo Hoo...
There were immediately a couple of responses,
And a few faces that were, well let's say not smiling,
I of course stood by what I was saying, being in the older group,
I felt I could...
And I stand on point to say, that when we compliment other people,
That in no way does it take away from anyone else,
For the past couple years we have all been burdened with so many extra tasks,
And it is so awesome to have fresh, young eager minds...
That is what we need, when we are done, to have these young folks step into our roles,
Without skipping a beat,
Much as it should be in families,
Each generation sharper than the previous,
So there I had to say it,
And the when was now...

Love and Blessings!

Monday, September 15, 2008

That's Acceptable

One of the best things a loved one, family or friend can offer,
Is Acceptance,
Acceptance of your differences,
Your opinions and your choices,
Realizing that you have to right to do well or to mess up and learn from,
The mess,
Support while accepting is also amazing,
While going on this literary journey,
What has gotten me through was acceptance and support,
I remember penning my first novel, ‘Black’s Obsession’…
That was a little something, something, I was doing to prove I could write,
I could but not well,
But I knew I had stories to tell,
What was so beautiful, was how so many people,
Family, friends and new readers, accepted what I had done,
And supported me by telling everyone who would listen,
It was so funny because that was my baby, with the most challenges,
But one night I sat in a room of readers who had read all my work,
And they chose that as their favorite…because with the challenges,
They had been able to see the heart and soul of the work!
Those people also made it easier when others took me to task about something,
They would get up in arms, ready to do battle with anyone who took me, or Black or Cinnamon on…they acted as though me and my characters were the family members and,
No one had better mess with them,
I can remember so many times I was tentative about promoting my work,
Fearful because of something,
I remember one of the hardest time was when I allowed a friend to read a synopsis,
And when she was telling me about it, I could see how difficult it was for her to deal with The subject matter, there were a few cuss words, in that book, for real,
I was waiting for her to sprinkle holy water on me,
But when I got home and spoke to my husband, my sons and to my loyal friends and readers,
They wrapped their arms and told me,
‘Forget that, you know what you are doing and when and if God decides for you to do something different, he will guide you…so true.”
Then they all got their hustle on, to help me sell more books,
I am so grateful for such Acceptance,
And love….

Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation

Friday, September 12, 2008

What's For You...

I remember hearing my elders say,
'What's for you, no one can take away'
For many years that was a parable to me,
I understood it in the abstract but hey,
Now I know how true it is,
I think of all the blessings in my life,
And I know with assuredness,
How true it is,
Most of the things I have or have accomplished,
Were things that were divinely meant for me,
And nothing and no one can stand in the way of that,
I guess that is where real faith comes in,
Because when things are going crazy around us,
And we just can't figure out for the life of us why,
We try fixing it to no avail,
Yet we continue to believe that it will all work out,
And come to fruition,
And have the maturity to know,
That everything was not meant for us...
That is how this book thang has worked for me,
Starting out I was pushing and shoving,
Trying to do everything that every 'expert' told me,
To no avail,
Books were selling, people were talking but it simply didn't,
Feel right, so I stepped back reassessed and wrapped my faith
Around what I was doing,
And the process was slow,
Because you better know God works in his own time,
But it started to flow,
In the past couple of weeks,
I was asked to do a radio interview,
Just yesterday I was able to set up two signings for my new work,
When one told me of the numbers I almost fainted,
But I calmed down, because, I knew,
This is how that thing works,
Because what's for you is for you,
You just have to know that sometimes,
A greater power is at play,
One simply has to handle his or her business,
Be patient,
And stay Faithful!


Schae's Story: A Woman's Transformation

Thursday, September 11, 2008

There is a Story...

There is always a story in it,
I guess that is one of the myriad reasons I write,
I love looking at a situation and crafting a story from what is,
What was, what might have, and what could be,
As such, I am a serious people watcher and listener,
Some of my best life lessons have been learned from listening,
And it makes for excellent book food,
This past weekend I was talking to a friend about my family,
My ancestors, and her mouth was ajar, as though I was reading a fascinating story,
I love the women who came before me and they lived…
And what is so beautiful, is they shared so much of it with me,
My mama, my godmother who lived to be 102, her daughter who is now almost ninety,
And my aunts, my mom’s sisters,
There were many times when I was young, I sat near them, listening,
But as I got older, they shared with me, maybe because I was the only one, who seemed Interested and intrigued,
What I learned is that people are people and have always been,
Times change, people don’t,
They still want and need the same things,
Love, affection, acceptance, fun…in their lives,
And it is particularly cool to hear about those things,
That is why so many of the characters in my books are of age,
They have lived long enough to know that life and love brings a plethora,
Of experiences and that life is for living fully at every age,
Everyone has a story and my intention is to tell as many of them as I can…


Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my youngest son,
Malik Vernon Menchan,
Twenty three, oh dag, where did the time go,
So many memories,'
When you were inside me and never kept still,
Unless I read to you...or ate fish...
That day when you were in pre-K and refused to do the work,
Because your daddy was in Saudi and you said you weren't doing,
Anything until her returned, Lawd!
Remember the time we came back from Hawaii,
You were all of nine, and at the family reunion,
You danced all night with every woman there,
And they all fell in love with you, like me...
Or my goodness, those teen years when you were trying to show and prove,
And I had to....well since you grown, we won't tell people how I had to show and prove to you!
And all those times when Mama was sick, you were my little soldier,
Right by my side protecting me from the pain,
By making me laugh and smile,
And please, please never forget how many times,
When you would get off in the morning,
I had to fry chicken wings and make waffles,
And we would watch The Wire...on demand,
So many memories...
What I remember most is how you love,
Tell folks, my mama da bomb,
Trust me with your secrets,
And your pain,
I glow inside whenever you say, 'I am the male version of my mama'
So Proud....
I love you baby boy,
Oh yeah, when you come home you know I will have triple chocolate cake,
And Ben and Jerry's New York Chocolate Chunk...

DeepDuval's Mama, (mama deep)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Believe It!

What we find believable,
I am always astonished and flabbergasted by what people immediately believe and those
Things they automatically question,
For example, if one tell another how much they can’t stand someone,
On the other hand, how much one loves another,
Not as believable,
I have head people literally say, it must be fake,
Nothing can be that good,
Huh? Of course it can and in many lives it is…
What is up with that?
I remember when my youngest was a teen,
He loved all stuff teens liked,
Partying, hanging out, girls, girls, girls,
But one thing he truly loved were those Tuesday nights when,
When he and I hung out in the movie theatre,
Me dipping my popcorn in his nacho cheese, while his dad attended a class,
Or those Saturdays when he and his dad went to FAMU games,
And didn’t return home until the wee hours,
Or those weekly dinners the three of us attended,
Folks would say they just couldn’t believe at seventeen he really wanted to hang out with,
His parents,
One time right here on Ramblings,
I wrote about how much fun I have with my sister-friends,
Anonymously, someone wrote that my posts were surely to convince myself of something,
As though it were impossible to do what my friends and I did on Saturday,
Sit at the Cheesecake Factory from lunch to dinner,
And still drag ourselves up because we wanted to laugh and talk all day and into the night,
But I have already figured out what is up,
Simple really,
If something isn’t believed for THEM,
Then they feel it is unbelievable for EVERYONE…
To that I say,
Try having fun, love and laughter,
I might make life more livable and Believable…

Love and Peace!
Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation

Friday, September 5, 2008

Expect Nothing...

One of the rules of the road,
Be it in love relationships or friendships,
Is to expect nothing from someone, that you aren't willing to do...
I try really hard not to have expectations of anyone but myself,
Even of my children,
I raised them, got them educated and it is now their responsibility to live up to,
Their own expectations,
Because what would I be as a mother, a person,
If the only time I was pleased with my kids was when they were doing what I wanted them to do,
Even if it went against what they were about...
Or as a wife or as a friend,
People always ask how I have stayed married so long,
After I tell them it was with much love, prayer and compromise,
I also tell them that I knew the man I was getting and he knew me,
And our mission has not been to remake the other,
God made us and to cohabit, we had better know that what we get,
Is what we get and to be glad in it...
The same is true where my friends are concerned,
In a friend I want someone to talk to, laugh with, cry with,
And when needed to give it to me 'Straight no Chaser",
And I want to be the same in kind,
But I have no expectations,
Of who else they should be friends with,
Or what their politics are,
Or who they love,
Matters not a twit,
Because our thing is our thing,
And their other things are their business,
What's cool though, is when nothing is expected,
But much is gained, reciprocally...

Love and Peace,

Schae's Story: A Woman's Transformation

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Marry, Who?

This past weekend, I was working on edits for Schae's Story and it caused me to pause and think about the women I know, the ones who for whatever reason chose not to marry,
Or had never been asked to marry or want it so badly and feel like time is running out,
Also those young sisters who got it going on like that but just don't feel there are many options,
Sometimes I sit with them and they tell me about the slim pickings,
Seven brothers to one sister...
Then they break down the demographics,
Take out incarcerated,
Gay, or confused,
Already married,
And according to them the odds are even greater,
So, what is woman to do,
In many cases I see what they are doing,
I have a plethora of nieces, second cousins and young friends who are all,
Single mothers,
That clock started to tick,
And they had good jobs, homes, futures and health insurance,
So the figured why the heck not,
However, when faced with young sons,
Who for all their trying, are more interested in the streets,
Than what they are being taught, because they are crying out for a male presence,
They start second guessing, wondering if they made the right choices,
I don't know,
Can't say,
I have been married since the Emancipation Proclamation,
And am grateful to my husband for teaching his young men,
What he taught them,
Don't know that I would have ever tried to do what they are doing,
Knowing what I know,
But I really don't know that either,
Always wanted to be a mama...
I like having answers for my young sisters,
But when they gang up on me, asking,
Marry, Who?
I simply don't know what to tell them...


Schae's Story: A Woman's Transformation

Monday, September 1, 2008

Patient and Methodical?

I have always found it interesting,
Learning how people see you and what they think of you,
That is why I don't trip about what people are saying, doing or thinking,
Because until they tell you, you don't know...
A few weeks ago, someone in my office, who I rarely converse with,
Told me, they found me patient and methodical,
Peering quizzically at him,
I said,
I was told that they had watched me when my four person staff,
Was just me,
And how I went into the mode of being patient,
And working methodically,
I told them I had no choice but I wasn't always patient,
I was told it didn't show,
That is the same way I have handled the book business,
Coming in I didn't have a clue,
Put I patiently listened, observed and
Appreciated what those in the know said, did and advised,
I methodically decided what worked for me,
Coming in I had a game plan for what I ultimatley wanted to do,
Publish the work of up and coming youngsters,
Who have found writing to be healing...
And I knew that I had to test drive my abilities on me,
Because were I unable to do it,
Then no one was harmed but me,
And I know how to get up and move something,
The plan is still the same,
And I am in no all-fired hurry,
I am taking my time,
Planning out the schematics,
Patiently and Methodically,
I like that!!