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Monday, August 17, 2009


Going on recent events, I am going to step out on a limb and assume one of the hardest things for people to do, is wait, be patient and or give something up,
Most of us pray for things we WANT,
Then when they don’t occur or don’t occur as we want them to,
We get upset, work the nerves of everybody around us,
And still don’t get nothing,
And the reason is simple,
That is not how prayer works,
GOD works in his own time frame,
And he and only he determines what is best,
Sometimes you don’t get what you pray for because it is not time,
And or there may be another lesson for you to learn,
A lot of times the reasons we stay in so much turmoil,
Is because we continue to do the same $#@&,
And of course we are going to get the same results,
Promises made in prayer have to be kept,
And then we have to realize we may be praying for the wrong things,
For two years I prayed to leave this job,
But, for whatever reason I got up and came in every day,
I even got a promotion and two bonuses,
And that was just through Grace,
Because had it depended on what I was praying for,
Or my attitude,
I probably wouldn’t have a job today,
But God knew and he tapped me on my head and other points,
And hard,
Then when I was just about raggedy,
He slowed it down,
And blessed me over and over again,
Because he knew I had been through,
Enough for that lesson,
And he had to get me ready for the next battle,
So I am saying this,
Sometimes you have to wait,
Sometimes you have to be patient,
Sometimes you have to give up some things,
And oftentimes you will not get what you want,
But you will get what you need…
But don’t listen to me,
I am just battle savvy and ready to share my own,
To save you some steps…
But hey do you!

Love and Blessings!