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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Writer's Rites...

I have been reading a good deal about how writer's write,
What their rituals are,
And I love reading about them,
I guess I have rituals,
I always write straight into my computer,
I am always writing in my head, and until my memory fades,
That serves me very well,
I forget very few things, to the chagrin of family, friends and foes...smiling...
I also need music when writing, but music is always playing around me,
In my car,
On my laptop at work,
In my head,
Other than that I simply sit down and start writing,
Allowing ideas to unfold, as I type,
When I am tired I get up and walk away,
I have been asked about writer's block,
Not sure I have had it,
However, when a story is going nowhere,
Or sometimes when it is going everywhere,
I will eighty-six it, until a later time,
Some stories I have never come back to,
I knew they probably didn't need to be told,
I have folders and folders and more folders of untold stories,
One thing that inspires me is snippets of conversations,
I love when I can visualize what someone is saying,
Then make it come alive on the page,
One such phrase occurred when I walked past two women talking,
Woman one said, "He left me"
When woman two asked why, she said, 'I cry too much'
Immediately I visualized this man coming home everyday to a wet face...
I could literally see it unfold before my eyes, a large, sad face with leaking eyes,
I literally saw him packing, not feeling good about leaving,
But knowing he wouldn't stay...
Immediately a story was born,
Now whether I will use that in a book or if it becomes a book,
Remains to be seen but I will use it in someway....
That is one of this Writer's Rites...



Anonymous said...

Angelia, I like to hear of other writer's rituals as well. I used to need silence to write but now I can tune out anything around me and type away.

Poetic Genesis said...

Yes! We have this keen sense of hearing... for some reason. I can't tell you how many things I've heard that barged into my

I love hearing about others writing rituals... For me, it starts with pen and pad...I had a few crisis that showed me just how important the fundamentals are (my computer was stolen). I never end the stories on paper though... that's kinda weird.

Great post, as always, mama deep


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Me too Sheila, but I have always been like that, I am extremely self-contained,

I write with a pen when journaling, when penning a story I have to type it for some reason, I guess that's how I flow...


Jennifer C. said...

My writings comes to me in spurts. I never know when a part to a new story will jump into to my head. I always have paper around me to jot it down, because I just never know when an idea or whole scene will hit. Some ideas just stay in the computer or notebook, others flush out to be a story.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Whatever and however Jen, the thing is to WRITE...