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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don't Make Me Ask...

One thing that I try to do is keep my word…if I say I am going to do something,
I don’t want anyone to have to ask me again,
I can hear a couple of my friends snickering,
Thinking of lunch dates that I didn’t make,
But I am talking business, okay :)
Anyway, I have learned to say no when no is the answer, or stay quiet when I know I can't do it,
As with many things it was a lesson I learned from my kids,
When they were seven and one, I was trying to be superwoman,
Work ten hours days while being mom of the year,
One day I remember it was the end of the week, an over fifty hour week,
Daddy was in Africa for a month,
And I was tired, I had gotten them stuffed full of chicken, broccoli and applesauce,
And in the bed, all I could think of was to sit down,
Feet up, knocked out,
After smooching them I headed out the door,
I heard my eldest say, “Mommy, don’t make me ask you…”
Turning I wanted to whine, “What…”
His eyes were filled with tears and a lopsided snaggle-toothed grin on his face,
Laying on the bed was the, “Amazing Bone”…
A book I had read thousands of times, maybe zillions...
I immediately understood, I needed to read that book,
No matter how tired I was, that was the deal…
He didn't need to ask me that...
I must admit I am a bit more cynical when people tell me they are going to do something,
If they do they do, if they don’t, no harm, no foul,
This past Sunday I was sitting in church and a woman who I had seen for years,
Sat down next to me, we had never really talked,
Immediately we started chatting, it was good,
Someone else came by asking about my books,
After they left, she asked me about my writing,
Then she asked about how did I adverstise,
She then told me she was the Governor for a major organization and they were accepting ads for an upcoming publication, for a major event, but the deadline was in four days,
I thanked her profusely, saying I could get it done…
She told me she was leaving town the next morning but would get me the info,
Then she said,
“God directed me to sit next to you.”
I said, “I know, that is how it’s been for me lately.”
Communion started,
Afterwards I thanked her again,
On Monday I forgot,
However, Tuesday came and I remembered,
I also remembered how busy she was and what she had going on,
I thought, next year…
Within minutes of that thought, my phone rang,
Even on her way to a funeral she had passed my info on,
Having someone else call to take my information,
I was so pleased,
And touched…
And thankful that the Blessings flow and sometimes you don’t even,
Have to Ask…

Love and Blessings,


Jennifer C. said...

That really is divine intervention. The power of God is wonderful.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Amen, Amen, Amen

Love You!

mama deep

Anonymous said...

What a 'wow' moment. Be a blessing and be was promised.

That's great!



Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks Sweetie,

I am loving these WOW moments!