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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


This weekend I was finalizing Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation and it caused me to pause and reflect on how accepting of others changes we are, or more accurately we aren’t. I have found that it is more difficult for others to accept your changes than it is for one to change.
I can remember for years when my husband and I would go home on leave, all the stories were about how we once were, we had been married for years, had children, a variety of careers and our family and friends held on to who we were….it irked me, didn’t bother my man a twit, because he knew what I had to figure out;
People hold on to what makes them comfortable, if they could remember me as the sassy-mouthed girl, whose tears flowed when she was mad, sad or glad, then that meant I was still the same,
If he could be remembered as the devil-may-care, I love being wild young man,
Then he would still be the same,
But to accept that we were grown, changed, maturing,
Spoke to the fact that we might not need them in the ways, we once had,
Thus we would be different, and we all know how different can confuse folks,
That is what Schae’s Story is about, a woman who bought into the lie,
That as long as she was beautiful, fine, sexy, the world and life was easy,
And that money was the be all and end all,
When she realizes that what is in her head and heart is what really matters,
Many family and friends aren’t so easy to buy in,
Particularly when she is coming from a FAITH PLACE,
I hear it all the time, when someone accepts God,
Those around them want to pooh pooh, the transformation,
Focusing on who they used to be and what they used to do,
What they fail to realize is this,
God works with us from where we are,
Junkies, promiscuous, hateful, whatever,
Because what he knows better than we know,
Is that the best folks are those who have been through some thangs,
And made it to the other side, realizing it was all through the GRACE…

Schae’s Story: A Woman’s Transformation


'Cilla said...

I can't wait to read your story Angelia...


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks 'Cilla,
just a few more weeks!


Anonymous said...

You should do a non-fiction book filled with motivationals because your entries always leave me thinking and inspiring to always do better.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks Shelia,
I was telling my husband the other day, I need to do RAMBLINGS, the book, Gwyneth and other have mentioned it for a couple years, I might...

Anonymous said...

Angelia, think about it. I think it'll be a blessing to others.