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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Some Will Leave...

This morning, sitting in church, I had so many revelations,
Someone, an elder related to me that they didn't get my young adult book,
I tried to explain that my goal when writing that or any such thing, I have learned to get outside of ME, and become who I am writing about, because I know the inability to see anyway, except my way, is growth stunting, and a real mentor, homie, lover, friend, has to be able to see someone, other than themselves!
Thus some will leave...not sure what they read or why, and that is okay,
Another revelation was about this very blog,
The more spiritual my rendering became, some left,
I knew that going in, as I revealed myself as a spiritual warrior,
I would lose some, but, that too is okay, better than okay,
Cause then and only then do I know I am on the right path,
The third revelation was in knowing that we will lose some of our church members,
Our new Pastor brings the gospel, hard and true,
And he is unswayed by what people say, do or represent,
He is there to bring the word, as God has shown him...
And too many of us struggle with owning that God's word is for us,
But it truly isn't about us, just to make us comfortable or feel good about our own stuff,
We have to be able to get through the message, past the messenger, and realize,
That to grow spiritually or any other way,
We had better be open to the truth as it is written and as it is told otherwise...
Finally, I had to check myself,
Knowing that sometimes I will have to be the one to leave...
Leave things alone that stunts my spiritual growth,
Or my walk,
Or my peace,
Leave people alone who aren't good for me, or my walk,
It's hard to stay, even harder to leave,
But we know when it's time...
Oh yes we do!

Love and Blessings!

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1 comment:

Jennifer C. said...

In order to grow sometimes we have to leave some behind. It's unfortunate that we can't take everyone with us on the journey to the best ME or YOU we know to be. But in time they too will find their way to another level.

The most important person in our lives has already said he won't leave us or forsake us; and he hasn't.