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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Comes Between Us!

As most of you know, my best thinking is done between 5:30 and 6:00 am as I make my way to work, my twenty plus mile commute from the country to the heart of Jacksonville is filled with music on my CD, usually RB or Gospel or some wonderful mixture thereof, I pass over the largest bridge in the city with the St Johns River and the twinkling lights as ambience, sometimes fog…this morning, I was thinking about my neighborhood, the diversity, on one side is a white couple, on the other side is a black couple, across the street is a family, originally from Kenya and next to them is a white guy married to a Cuban woman…wow…and I only thought of them as my closest neighbors…
While thinking about that I realized the things that separate us most are minute things,
Things we say, how we carry ourselves, what we want to be known for,
I know many people who have ARRIVED…
Six figure family incomes, college educated children, nice homes, vacations hither and yon, sounds good doesn’t it,
But they don’t have good relationships with the people who nurtured them,
Family, friends, old classmates…and if you were to ask, many times they would say,
‘Oh they are just jealous’…surely it is true, in some cases, but many times it is because they are made to be,
No one wants to spend time around people who are always flexing, flossing and preening,
Or worse case talking about what they have or looking down their noses at people they once shared a zip code with,
When I get together with people I love and have loved a long time,
I just want to be with them, eat some sweet potato pie, laugh at each other's antics...
I find that that is not the time to discuss my latest promotion, bonus or where I am whisking off to…I am grateful, God knows I am, but what I am looking for is a way to,
Bond heart-to-heart, and bask in what we each bring to the table from the inside out…
It is so not about what separates us, but what makes us the same,
Heart beating, truth seeking, individuals who want to share time together…
Sounds good don’t it…And it is...HONEST!


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'Cilla said...

Good Morning Sis...
I live in a neighborhood of retired school teachers and local politicians. Having Man-child here is all the diversity they can handle but they love him and that is wonderful. Thanks as always for sharing :-)

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

you are too funny...I remember that age...He will be just fine, just continue to love him...tough and strong...


Anonymous said...

It's best not to discuss things with certain people if it's going to make them feel inferior. I know there are some people who will just try to make you feel bad for being successful. Those people you can never please so I'm not talking about them.

I don't think anyone should ever have to apologize for being successful.

As we grow, we know who we can share our good news with and who we can't. Unfortunately everybody isn't going to be happy about our good news. The people who are genuinely happy for you, will let you know. The haters - will let you know how they feel too.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

what I meant more than anything was those people dear and close to you...not haters or congratulaters...but quite simply folks who you share something with, that is more valuable than talking about what you got...we all know how to deal with the hate crowd...and we also know that everyone who loves you, should be happy for you...but we also know that ain't necessarily so...they just might be in so much pain, they are unable to be happy period...


S.D. Denny said...

You just made me wanna have a get-together!!!

You're right - it's not about what separates us, but what brings us together that's important and should be shared at times like that.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...


Girl, get your paty on...