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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Who's The Mama?

I am telling you sometimes my children work me,

And I have a gang of them,

I have only given birth twice...and the last time was twenty-four years ago,

But in addition to them I have amassed a lot of children, all with who are...umm special,

There are my sons, my daughter in law, nieces, nephews, second and third cousins, and mentees,

And most of the time I can treat them like the special loves they are,

But errrrrrrrry now and then I have to, well, ummm go off!

Friday was such a day,

I was sitting with one of my children (mentees) over coffee and cake,

And she stepped on my last nerve,

Right there in Starbucks I brought it to her...we ended with love and her telling me how AWESOME I was but she felt me that day!

Today I had to go off on two of my children,

Two whom I can usually go easy on,

But today those children wanted to test a mama,

And mama brought it to them,

I was standing at the counter getting my USA today and when my phone rang,

I answered it and handled them and it, right there...usually I am pretty circumspect and down key but sometimes where it occurs is where the whipping has to take place,

Of course after I was done,

I told them how much I love them,

They were even laughing a bit,

But they left the conversation knowing,

Who Was The Mama!




'Cilla said...

You gotta do that from time to time.. from Cilla or as my neices and nephews call me Aunt Pumpkin, can you ... Aunt Pumpkin, did you... Aunt Pumpkin.. can I... Aunt Pumpkin, do you...

Uggggghhhh.... kick'em to the curb with love when need be. :-)

Jennifer C. said...

I had to school my daughter in front of my father-in-law once. He got up and walked away.