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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


One of the hardest things for me is giving control of myself, my work to another,
I know who I am and what I want and for over five decades,
That has served me well,
However, there have been times when I had to relax and let go,
First and foremost when it comes to my faith,
For years I believed in God,
But, I kid you not I still tried to make things work,
If God didn’t work fast enough for me,
I had to learn that believing and trusting meant just that,
To let that thing go and allow God to do what God does,
And know however that worked out,
It was best~
The second most important was in my marriage,
I knew and know I was loved and love,
But it has been mad difficult for me to allow myself to relax,
Into it and just be and allow my very capable man to handle things,
That he is better at,
I am just truly getting there and what a relief it is,
Nowadays when I am trying to hard all I have to do is look at him,
And that grin and gesture he does lets me know to woo saa baby,
The final frontier seems to be my writing,
There has never been any doubt that I can tell stories and write,
No doubt at all,
But I held everything I did so tight,
And managed it so that it was rock solid,
And I exhausted myself,
Over the years there had been many offers,
But none felt quite right, spiritually or to my soul,
Very recently when I finally admitted that I needed help,
I realized that the help I had needed had been there for years,
But that I needed to come to that realization and be in a place where I could,
Trust and relax and let someone else do the things that,
Oh my God~
There I said it~
And it feels right and spiritual and I am grateful,
All in God’s time~



Anonymous said...

You are blerss. You know what type of strength and faith it takes to make that step and then to share with world. Love you and many more blessings. Val

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Yes Sister,
I do~

ms ann