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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


If you want to be assured that you have a modicum of success or have made it in a way that another has not, let that person call you a SELL OUT~
That is the calling cry of those who don’t have a pot or a window and feel disdainful of those who do~
The other day someone who had come to me asking for assistance when there was nowhere else to go stood in my face and said,
You are a fake sell out~
Oh yes~
At that moment I knew that I had done what was expected of me and followed rules to have something,
When I was a very young girl,
I was told that if I wanted certain things,
I would have to work for them,
So I did,
Worked hard,
Walked miles home at night from a job,
At thirteen, fourteen, fifteen,
Because I had no other way to get to and from work,
While at school,
I worked hard to have the best grades,
I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I couldn’t be mediocre,
And make it,
Can’t fake that,
As an adult when I started working,
There were times when I took the most piddling jobs,
To get back out there,
After having my second child,
I had been out of work for awhile,
Went to work in the stockroom, worked my butt off,
Beside those guys,
Was promoted to manager~
Hated going home dirty,
Also had a man who earned enough to support me,
But knew I needed to take care of myself,
I also knew that there are times that I had to carry myself a certain way,
I have never walked anywhere with my head bowed,
I have never felt that another person was better than me,
Due to race, gender or any such thing,
And if you talked to everyone I have ever worked with or for,
They will surely tell you I have never compromised what I believed in and I feel that I can look anyone in their eye,
If there is a dress code I follow it,
If there is a time to be at work I am there at that time,
If there is protocol governing what I can and cannot do,
I do it or I don’t,
If there are times when someone says or does something that I don’t like,
I often pray about it, think about it, and decide,
If that is a battlefield that I am willing to die on,
And if it is worth it to compromise my family and it’s well being by saying or doing it,
If that makes me a fake or sell out,
So be it,
Because in the eyes of those who see it that way,
It really doesn’t matter,
And I have a grown up’s responsibilities…
And I pay my own way,
Support my own passions,
And own my own madness,
Whatever price you sell that for,
Can’t be bought with money~



1 comment:

Dera Williams said...

Whew! Now that's telling it. The audacity of someone saying something like that. Makes you wonder about their home training. Keep on doin' what you do.