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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Get What You Pay For!

I have this saying, 'A bought lesson is the best kind',
What I mean by that is that some of the things I learned that stayed with me has been what,
I learned through experience, bought lessons...
As some know the number 8 represents change biblically,
And 2008 has truly been a year of change for me,
The first few months found me hustling like Master P,
To sell a book that it seemed like only I believed in,
Everyone had gotten used to my 'grown women',
And though they tolerated my young lady, they wanted me back to the business at hand,
What I knew was that I was on a mission and had to do what I did,
And so many other things were topsy-turvy,
My health was at stake, doing too many things and being a natural competitor,
Giving it all I had,
There was a spiritual shake up due some things with my church,
And I was feeling really unappreciative of a really good job,
Not my life's calling by any means but a job,
That paid well and was filled with people who valued and respected me even,
When I wasn't at my best,
But thanks to God, I am married to my spiritual advisor,
He lovingly watched me go through my changes,
Calling me out when it was necessary,
But constantly loving the complicated, mercurial woman he calls 'Babee'...
He also told me that the brightest light comes after the darkness,
And he was so right, again...
And I am so grateful,
I am writing again,
Mentoring again,
Giggling, Laughing and Dancing,
And appreciating...
And I knew that if I hadn't paid for those lessons,
I wouldn't have appreciated the light as much....
So, I guess it really is true...
We get what we pay for!



Anonymous said...

So true. I often remind myself that struggling is the easy part. Appreciating the struggle when it's over is the hard.

Babee...that's so cute! My hubby and kids call me

Have a great day and truly enjoy it.


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks G-Nice,

Love you much!

mama deep

Gwyneth Bolton said...

The hardest lessons learned are the ones we get the most from. Still, it's good to be in the light after the storm... Great post as usual, sis!


Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

Thanks Lady Gwyneth!


Carole McDonnell said...

Uhm...gotta think about this. I think if you mean "best" in the sense of being a lesson that really takes and one that really changes us.... uhm....

I think I'd say the best kind of lesson is one where I never suffered to learn it. My human flesh hates suffering. As we Jamaicans say, "If you don't hear you'll feel." And as a great Archbishop once said, "Fools learn by experience, wise men learn by authority." I so wish I had learned most of my lessons from simply believing mentors and good older people who knew life a lot better than I did. That would have been best.

Ah, Sis, the most expensive lessons -- the one that really take a lot out of my soul and cost my spirit and my health a whole lotta pain-- well, they are good lessons definitely. And they're good in that they definitely leave one feeling, "Well, I'll never do that again." But in my life, some of those lessons take soo much time to recover from. And am still recovering. I can't really call them the best. But they definitely DO take. And I'm not likely to forget those lessons anytime soon. -C

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

I feel you sister Carole, however, for me I learn the best when I have to feel it a bit...I have been quite fortunate in so many arenas, so what has best resonated with me has been what I had to go through to get over, case in point, the work thing, I walked around for months acting out and put upon...knowing full well that having that job allowed me to do the many wonderful things I get to do, had my butt on my shoulder as my family would say, only because I only wanted to do what I wanted to do, I had to buy that one, because when I opened my eyes, I was preparing for a costly trip and I knew that job had provided me and sustained me. I had to then give thanks for taking myself through all of that, but I was so grateful, because there were times in there if it had been easier I would have tossed it glad I didn't.


Jennifer C. said...

Mama Deep,
Carole said it right for us Jamaicans "when you don't hear, you will feel."

My parents always told me that when growing up, and now I tell my children the same thing. It basically means exactly what you said the best received lessons are the ones that are costly, no matter what the price is, those are the ones that sink in.

Angelia Vernon Menchan said...

that is exactly right and if we didn't feel to learn we would miss out, I feel that to feel true pleasure and joy, once has to have felt some pain....


Carole McDonnell said...

Very true, Angelia. Some lessons need pain to stick. I appreciated the lessons but I hated the experience I had to endure to learn them. When I was told that my mother was getting old I honestly should have listened but I didn't believe it. When she fell suddenly in her apartment and was there for two days before we discovered her, I wished I had simply listened to the advice I was given. Some lessons stay with us. I can never look back with appreciation on some of those experiences. I would have much rather have learned the lesson by simply accepting an elder telling me...than by dealing with the struggle and still living in guilt over that 2 month coma.

I can't really say I appreciate the lesson...or that I've gotten over the lesson. As I said, some of the reverb/pain/ramifications of these lessons go on for years...and some of us never get over those hard lessons. A great post, though. As usual. -C